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* Move the Example modules to the newly created examples subdirectory

* Hopefully correctly fudge the NWGNU make files

* Add mod_example_ipc (without NWGNU stuff or dsp)

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Clean up 2nd typo of the same line, you would expect I could copy n paste

one line across terminals, eh?

A long week, what can I say?

Fix typo

Well this always sucks, to build a good example and discover the simple

example case doesn't actually work :)

Stop returning their buckets to the caller, only to have the caller send

us the same buckets on subsequent calls to our case_filter.

update license header text
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Update the copyright year in all .c, .h and .xml files

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No functional Change: Removing trailing whitespace. This also

means that "blank" lines consisting of just spaces or

tabs are now really blank lines

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No functional change: simple detabbing of indented code.

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Update copyright year to 2005 and standardize on current copyright owner line.

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general property cleanup

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fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

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fix copyright dates according to the first check in

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apply Apache License, Version 2.0

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update license to 2004.

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get rid of _FOREACH

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add missing licenses

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Add a filter_init function to the filters so that a filter can execute

arbitrary code before the handlers are invoked.

This resolves an issue with incorrect 304s on If-Modified-Since mod_include

requests since ap_meets_conditions() is not aware that this is a dynamic

request and it is not possible to satisfy 304 for these requests (unless

xbithack full is on, of course). When mod_include runs as a filter, it is

too late to set any flag since the handler is responsible for calling

ap_meets_conditions(), which it should do before generating any data.

If a module doesn't need to run such arbitrary code, it can just pass NULL

as the argument and all is well.

PR: 9673

Reviewed by: Ryan Bloom and others

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Include apr_lib.h for the definition of apr_toupper() to get rid of

undefined symbol link failures (apr_toupper is a macro, at least on


Reported by: Trawick's regression build

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Use apr_ variants of ischar() tests.

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Add an allocator-passing mechanism throughout the bucket brigades API.

From Apache's standpoint, the apr_bucket_alloc_t* used throughout a given

connection is stored in the conn_rec by the create_connection hook. That

means it's the MPM's job to optimize recycling of apr_bucket_alloc_t's --

the MPM must ensure that no two threads can ever use the same one at the

same time, for instance.

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Be a better example.

As hinted on dev@httpd, change filter naming schemes to match our

expectations of their usage.

The reason that we should make this change now is that we have changed

the implied meaning of AP_FTYPE_HTTP_HEADER - some users of this should

be PROTOCOL while others should be CONTENT_SET. In order to clarify it,

toss all of the bogus names and force the filter writers to make sure

they understand what they are doing.

CONTENT_SET is new (horrible name - change if you have better idea), but

it indicates that it should run between RESOURCE and PROTOCOL.

mod_deflate is the ideal CONTENT_SET filter.

The changed type names are:


HTTP_HEADER is now PROTOCOL. However, most filters that used HTTP_HEADER

may want CONTENT_SET. (Only things like POP and HTTP belong as PROTOCOL.)

MMN bump since all filters need to be recompiled due to filter reordering.

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Fix a handful of AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA exports for .so modules.

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fix various // comments so they'll work portably


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Something got deleted from the module structure.

Use the proper enum for the block/non-block parameter to apr_bucket_read().

A couple of these changed in meaning (e.g., 1->APR_BLOCK_READ).

PR: 6980

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renaming various functions for consistency sake



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The big change. This is part 3 of the apr-util symbols rename, please

see the first commit of srclib/apr-util/include (cvs apr-util/include)

for the quick glance at symbols changed.

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Generic hooks (and a demo content filter module).

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