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* modules/dav/main/config.m4: Remove long-redundant expat reference.

Remove mis-placed period.

Add to modules' help text (displayed by ./configure -h) more

information that will be useful in deciding whether to enable

them or not.

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Always make mod_*.h files available where they exist, modpath by modpath
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general property cleanup

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Get dav_fs to follow options for dav.

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Completely revamp configure so that it preserves the standard make


the configure additions to EXTRA_* variables. Also, allow the user

to specify NOTEST_* values for all of the above, which eliminates the

need for THREAD_CPPFLAGS, THREAD_CFLAGS, and OPTIM. Fix the setting

of INCLUDES and EXTRA_INCLUDES. Check flags as they are added to

avoid pointless duplications. Fix the order in which flags are given

on the compile and link lines.

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Make the dav/main config.m4 file be added to the configure script after

httpd, and make dav default to no if http is not enabled. Dav still

defaults to yes if http is in the server. Dav is incredibly HTTP centric,

and makes little to no sense without HTTP

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