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--with-module: Fix failure to integrate them into some existing

module directories.

modules/config?.m4 needs to run after the modules/*/config?.m4.

Otherwise, as created for --with-module gets wiped

out first.

PR: 40097

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fix bug in r1392120: replace ALL commas
Fix shell errors when trying to AC_MSG_RESULT() for --with-module.

(The change to IFS hosed any AC_MSG_foo() invocations.)

It is easy enough to reorder the reset of IFS and the AC_MSG_RESULT()

invocation, but there's a big stretch of shell code where AC_MSG_foo()

might be useful someday, so get rid of the commas at the start and

leave IFS alone and AC_MSG_foo() at will.

Build: fix --with-module to work as documented

PR 43881

Submitted: Gez Saunders

Reviewed: Nick Kew

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Change the 'lib' prefix to 'libmod_' to be really consistent with

r103164 of acinclude.m4.

Fix indentation (no code changes).

--with-module can now take more than one module to be statically

linked: --with-module=<modtype>:<modfile>,<modtype>:<modfile>,...

If the <modtype>-subdirectory doesn't exist it will be created and

populated with a standard

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For a static module, use a filename with a lib prefix,

see also rev 102381 of acinclude.m4

general property cleanup

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Allow for the use of --with-module=foo:bar where the ./modules/foo

directory is local only. Assumes, of course, that the required

files are in ./modules/foo, but makes it easier to statically

build/log "external" modules.


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Fix up the wording on the --with-module output printed during --help.

This has been a FAQ with some new 2.0 module developers.

Submitted by: Thom May <>

Reviewed by: Aaron Bannert

Kill two autoconf-related birds with one commit.

- substr used in APACHE_MODULE for the help string did not parse correctly

with autoconf 2.50+ so we had to punt there anyway and use AC_HELP_STRING.

- Add APACHE_HELP_STRING define that will call AC_HELP_STRING on 2.50+

(actually not 2.13 - look at the regex call) or do our custom variation

of it. This function can't have any extra spaces or it will be returned

in the help string. So noted. If anyone can figure out how to insert

a line break like 2.50+ does when we go over the 26th column, I'd

appreciate it. I tried and I'm way too tired to figure it out now.

Adding this would greatly simplify two or three HELP_STRING uses.

- Switch all of those annoying WITH and ENABLE functions to use the

APACHE_HELP_STRING. This makes everything consistent now. I've always

had to go through and keep aligning everything every few months or so

because I'm the only one who cares. No more. I refuse to do it any more!

Use APACHE_HELP_STRING or be crucified.

Looks decent with autoconf-2.13 and autoconf-2.52.

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Allow modules to be added to the server at configure time. The syntax



module_type is the directory under modules/ that the module should be

copied to. Currently, this only adds static modules

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