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r1876779 follow-up.

strcmp returns 0 if strings match, i.e. TLS/1.0 is found.

ap_find_token returns 1 if TLS/1.0 is found.

So the test has to be reversed to keep the same behavior

Fix the way we are looking for "TLS/1.0" tokens.

ap_find_token() is more robust than expecting the token to be the first one in the 'Upgrade' header field.

(see modules/ssl/ssl_engine_kernel.c#284)

Add missing pool tags to help debugging.
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Fix spelling errors found by codespell. [skip ci]

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* modules/arch/unix/config5.m4: Don't override enable_systemd, fixing

--enable-systemd=static per covener's suggestion in


Also fix the APACHE_MODULE() usage; disable the module by default

for the "all" modules selection.

PR: 57632

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c: Remove IdleShutdown feature which

was buggy per sf's feedback in 2.4.x backport proposal, and would

probably be more appropriate outside this module anyway.

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c (systemd_pre_mpm, systemd_monitor):

Ignore sd_notify{,f} failure cases as currently recommended by the

systemd API docs.

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c (systemd_post_config): Fix systemd

service getting stuck reloading if "ExtendedStatus off" is

configured; regression in r1802251.

PR: 62697

Fix overriding ExtendedStatus to "off" with mod_systemd loaded, and

give more feedback to systemd during a reload.

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c (systemd_pre_config): New

function; tell systemd the service is reloading here.

(systemd_pre_mpm): Don't set ap_extended_status here, do nothing

if ExtendedStatus is off.

(register_hooks): Register pre_config hook.

Fix spelling in comments and text files.

No functional change.

PR 59990

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hostname: Test and log useragent_host per-request across various modules,

including the scoreboard, expression and rewrite engines, setenvif,

authz_host, access_compat, custom logging, ssl and REMOTE_HOST variables.

PR55348 [William Rowe]

This is the complete change set which applies cleanly to 2.4.x as well,

the server/scoreboard.c will follow, which does not apply due to drift.

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Added many log numbers to log statements that

had none.

Those were not detected by the coccinelle script.

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Added many log numbers to log statements that

had none.

Handled all files in modules/.

I used the coccinelle script provided by Stefan.

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Save a few bytes in conf pool when processing 'NWSSLTrustedCerts'.

*Untested* as I don't have the corresponding system.

Silent a sparse Warning.

cid->ecb->lpszLogData can not be NULL.

It is defined in mod_isapi.h as:



char lpszLogData[80];


Fix some style issues on files that can easily be synch'ed with 2.4.x
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Hmmm... why did git miss this?
Concat string at compile time when possible.

Doing so, sometimes also give the opportunity to turn a 'ap_fputstrs' into a 'ap_fputs'.

PR 53741

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Follow up r1617201:

Return EPERM if the uid is not root on chroot-ing.

Pointed out by trawick on


mod_systemd: Use AP_SIG_GRACEFUL instead of SIGWINCH.

mod_systemd: Add IdleShutdown - number of seconds in idle-state after which

httpd is shutdown. This is useful in a combination with socket activation.

Add mod_systemd documentation.

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geteuid is always successful,

so remove errno reference.

unixd_drop_privileges and ap_unixd_setup_child are almost the same,

so let's remove the redundant code.

Add missing APLOGNO.

Refactor some lines to keep APLOGNO on the same line as ap_log_error, when applicable.

Split lines longer than 80.

Improve alignment.

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Do not use deprecated define.

No change in generated code because MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER is defined as:


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s/equivalant/equivalent/ in comments
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
* Simplify/fix systemd detection: move later to fix

autoconf warnings; define HAVE_SYSTEMD rather than using CPPFLAGS.

* server/listen.c: Use HAVE_SYSTEMD for systemd #define.

* modules/arch/unix/config5.m4: Update systemd headers check.

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Add support for systemd socket activation to listener sockets.

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gratuitous 8-bit char in a comment

fix typo