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Avoid cyclic dependency by moving ap_set_etag() from module http to core.

This function, along with ap_make_etag(), is used by the default_handler in

core.c, and in several modules other than builtin mod_http, breaking static

linking and httpdunit tests build.

The move is done by "svn move modules/http/http_etag.c server/util_etag.c".

MMN major bumped, not backportable (as is) to 2.4.x.

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fix copy & paste error, util_cookies.h is in include not server.

add util_config.c now needed per steffenal.

Add util_fcgi.h and associated definitions and support

routines for FastCGI, based largely on mod_proxy_fcgi.

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Inform MSVC compiler there is a Lexical target so the compiler is

not confused which causes it to absorb some properties of the Lexical

target into the Debug target.

add util.regex.c to MPM, had been unneeded untill r1200055

Add ap_varbuf API for resizable buffers.

Increase length limit of lines in the configuration file to 16MB.

Increase length limit of lines in the group file to 16MB.

PR: 45888, 50824, 43084

Windows and Netware build changes are untested.

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Pick up Jeff's layout refactoring on win32.
mpm_default.h is just a convenience for a specific MPM with 2.3+;

it isn't installed

(this is the only definition at present for DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR

on Windows, but that needs to be solved separately)

Fix some Windows build issues

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The path is likely changing, in the meantime restore win32 build to success
Here's the simpler solution to the two groups of mappers/ modules...

The mod_so and mod_watchdog are truly not mappers/ at all. Very open

to better names than modules/core/ but these are clearly API's which

are to be consumed by the httpd core, or generically, any module.

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MPM's are now dynamically loadable; so must mod_watchdog be.

The only module with an excuse now is mod_so which implements

LoadModule itself.

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drop mpm.h
Add watchdog module to win32 build.

Since it can only operate as static module reference it inside modules.c

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httpd 2.x is further modular; presume pcre is yet another .dll
mod_core.h is moved
add util_cookies
Introduce ap_expr expression parser API

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Add util_mutex, although it's not used much by windows since

we generally only support 'default', the proven event model

for windows.

Make buildmark.c compilation consistent, especially for VC8
Embed the .manifest files of all httpd binaries as a post-build

operation. This ensures the exported (Studio 97 generated) .mak

files create a usable Apache directly from the VC 8 (Studio 2005)

command line environment.

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Revert Revision 397647

While it solves the studio 2005 (we desire this), it breaks

the studio 6 packaging (we require this). Discussion on list

of practical solutions.

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This resource /D syntax was pretty horridly imported into VS 2005,

change the quotation to ensure a peaceful transition to sln/vcproj files.

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Remove all /machine:I386 references, these are getting in the way

of switching linkers from the x86 (default linker) to x64 or other

possible target platforms. (Also, this commit cleans up lingering

/GX switches from the 'BASE' options that are supposed to be unused).

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s|/GX |/EHsc | because they were always synonyms, and Visual Studio

2005 edition complains bitterly and loudly that /GX is deprecated.

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Remove a host of dependencies upon awk, using the same template for

nearly every .rc compilation (giving the output .res file a different

name for each component). Adds AP_SERVER_BASEPROJECT to ap_revision.h

so we can display the proper name of "Apache HTTP Server" as opposed

to AP_SERVER_BASEPRODUCT (which is, and should remain, simply "Apache"

for the server string tokens.)

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Add our new eor_bucket.c module to libhttpd

Reintroduce stack frame construction with /Oy- (removal was implied by /O2).

This makes binaries far easier to debug, during operation and for post-crash

.dmp analysis. Do not alter /Gs optimizations per brane.

Reviewed by: stoddard, brane

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Add /D PCRE_STATIC to solve an 'exported symbol imported' bug.

We build pcre static, and do not intent to export pcre_* namespace,

but rather our ap_pcre_* wrappers.

Get httpd-2.1 building once again on win32.

NEVER NEVER screw around with redeclaring AP_ macros and constants.

If the compiler won't pick them up, e.g., AP_DECLARE, ya've done

something wrong from the start.

All httpd/ap headers depend on httpd.h - plain and simple, so this

un-convolutes the unusual order here.

STATIC has become PCRE_STATIC, along with some other odd definitions.

The only remaining emit is that _pcre_free export is imported, which

implies something is unusual with the declaration. Still researching.

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