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Changeset 94151 is being indexed.

Changed mod_cgi to not do single-byte reads to consume the

script headers

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Update our copyright for this year.

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Change over to apr_strfsize() for apr_off_t file size formatting.

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Update copyright to 2001

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Renamed all MODULE_EXPORT symbols to AP_MODULE_DECLARE and all symbols

for CORE_EXPORT to AP_CORE_DECLARE (namespace protecting the wrapper)


All _VAR_ flavors changes to _DATA to be absolutely clear.

Thank you Greg, for the most obvious suggestion.

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These functions aren't used by any module, and they don't make any sense

with the bucket design, so they need to go away.

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Forward port 1.3 overhaul of isapi to 2.0.

Yes - it's blatently obvious that this should be 'bucketized', but the

sequence I will follow is:

*) compatibility of sources

*) extension to async + transmitfile emulated support

*) localization of ISAPI* directives to Directory, File blocks

*) addition of ISAPI caching

*) recode for buckets.

I'm actually looking forward to the mod_cgi bucketization as a model.


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Document util_script using ScanDoc

prefix libapr functions and types with apr_

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Change ap_context_t to ap_pool_t. This compiles, runs, and serves pages

on Linux, but probably breaks somewhere.

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Update to Apache Software License version 1.1

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Fix all the License issues. Including:

s/Apache Group/Apache Software Foundation/


s/Sascha's license/ASF license

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Get rid of ap_call_exec. It has been #if 0'ed out for a long time, and we

never call it, so I'm taking it out all together now.

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Eliminate use of FILE * & ap_get_os_file() in mod_asis by APRizing


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Size rigour.

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Changed pools to contexts. Tested with prefork and pthread mpm's. I'll

check this out tomorrow and make sure everything was checked in correctly.

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Apache 1.3.9 baseline for the Apache 2.0 repository.

Obtained from: Apache 1.3.9 (minus unused files), tag APACHE_1_3_9

Submitted by: Apache Group

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