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Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

  1. … 63 more files in changeset.
core: Speed up config parsing if using a very large number of config


PR: 50002

Submitted by: andrew cloudaccess net

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Fix remaining doxygen warnings. "make dox" is now clean with doxygen

version 1.5.8.

PR: 48093

Submitted by: Brad Hards

Reviewed by: poirier

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Use correct Doxygen keywords for functions and variables. TODO: figure out whether those keywords are actually necessary. HTML-ify some documentation comments for benefit of Doxygen.
  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
* Add extern "C" linkage to several headers to make it easier to use

them in C++ code.

PR: 42286

Submitted by: Davi Arnaut <davi haxent.com.br>

Reviewed by: rpluem

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update license header text
  1. … 316 more files in changeset.
Update the copyright year in all .c, .h and .xml files

  1. … 497 more files in changeset.
Doxygen fixup / cleanup

submited by: Neale Ranns neale ranns.org

reviewed by: Ian Holsman

  1. … 105 more files in changeset.
Update copyright year to 2005 and standardize on current copyright owner line.

  1. … 522 more files in changeset.
general property cleanup

  1. … 712 more files in changeset.
fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

  1. … 174 more files in changeset.
apply Apache License, Version 2.0

  1. … 262 more files in changeset.
update license to 2004.

  1. … 281 more files in changeset.
finished that boring job:

update license to 2003.

Happy New Year! ;-))

  1. … 271 more files in changeset.
Update our copyright for this year.

  1. … 260 more files in changeset.
Update copyright to 2001

  1. … 205 more files in changeset.

Normalize the use of AP_DECLARE_DATA

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Include ap_config.h to get the definition of AP_DECLARE_DATA.

Port mod_info to 2.0. This is basically a complete re-write to use the

config tree instead of re-reading the config file. As a part of this

change, the config tree needs to be exposed to modules as ap_conftree.

Submitted by: Ryan Morgan <rmorgan@covalent.net>

Reviewed by: Ryan Bloom

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Document util_cfgtree using ScanDoc

clean up cmd_parms: config_file is no longer valid; end_token is bogus;

add directive.

move configfile_t and functions from httpd.h to http_config.h

new signature for ap_build_config() (since config_file removed from cmd_parms)

add "data" to ap_directive_t for future use by modules. add filename.

syntax checking for section-close directives: a section-open must exist,

the section-close must be </FOO>, and the open/close must match.

the file as a whole must be properly balanced (issue errors for each

unmatched section-open).

</FOO> command_rec structures are obsolete. Remove from http_core.c.

do not store </FOO> directives in the config tree.

clean out section-close logic from http_core.c (and old, related comments)

<Limit> and <LimitExcept> must walk their children.

new mechanism in ap_check_cmd_context() for testing enclosure in a

Directory/Location/File: find_parent()

<IfModule> and <IfDefine> must pass cmd->context when walking the children

several places: we had a walk followed by ap_get_module_config(). that

assumed the walk would create a config that we could fetch, which is not

true -- it is possible that the children are all from other modules

(e.g. the <Files> section in httpd.conf-dist has no "core" directives).

using ap_set_config_vectors() ensures we get a structure, and it returns

it to us.

[ note: when we had </Directory> (and friends) in the tree, the config

would get created; removing the directive removed the config; this

was a bitch to track down :-) ]

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
First step to getting configuration modules working. This step creates

a tree, but does not use the tree for anything.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.