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Fix spelling errors in docs found by codespell. [skip ci]

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Fix a parsing error when using Ant 1.9.13 without the external Xerces (2.9.0) and Xalan (2.7.1).

The error is: "filter-expr(funcall(current, []), [pred(=(step("attribute", 39), literal-expr(section)))])'. Cause: Erreur lors de la vérification du type de l'expression 'filter-expr(funcall(current, []), [pred(=(step("attribute", 39), literal-expr(section)))])"

This takes us 1 step closer to use Ant 1.9+ and remove Xerces and Xalan from the build chain.

Patch tested with the current doc build chain (Ant 1.6.5 + Xerces + Xalan) on the 2.4.x branch.

Even if actually we don't have any "<Foo>" and "Foo" directives, I've checked that the doc is built correctly in such a case.

Give a littlet breath before the permalink
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Add a permalink functionality to section and diective-section in the generated doc.

This is convenient and consistent with httpd.a.o

Getting a link to a section or a directive is already possible from the TOC, but having it available directly in-place is, IMHO, much more useful.

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synopsis.xsl: fix broken translation builds

This commit is a follow up of r1805189, in which

a new logic was added to allow to repeat a directive

name only if its type is different (like SSLPolicy

and <SSLPolicy>). The change broken french translations

since the $this variable, containing the translated

sections, was not used anymore.

The XPath code could surely be improved, but it seems

more pressing to allow our translators to get back

to their daily work without interference. validate-* worked fine, as well as the fr


doc xsl/dtd: introduce idtype attribute for directivesynopsis

In r1805193 synopsis.xsl was changed to allow two directives

of different type (like <SSLPolicy> and SSLPolicy) to share

the same name but have different ids (and please validate-xml/xhtml).

The downside of this action was that all the quicklinks to

existing directive sections (like <If>, <VirtualHost>, etc..)

were changed, possibly breaking external clients already

referencing them.

This change introduces a new attribute in the directivesynopsis

DTD, namely 'idtype', that will be appended to 'name'

in the id generation by synopsis.xsl. This will rollback

link names to their previous values and will allow documentators

to fine tune directivesynopsis sections as they need

(for example we have recently introduced mod_md's

ManagedDomain/<ManagedDomain>, and modssl's SSLPolicy/<SSLPolicy>).

This approach seems more precise and less invasive to me.

Of course the name of the attribute can be changed later on

to whatever term would fit best, the main concern for me at

the moment is to restore the trunk documentation to its previous


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common|synopsis.xsl: rename directive type=sections id generation

This commits is a follow up of r1805189 and it is meant

to allow directives with the same name but different type

to coexist in the same document without triggering errors

while executing validate-xhtml.

For example: mod_md.xml recently introduced the following:

* ManagedDomain

* <ManagedDomain> (this one is type=section)

In my opinion this is a perfectly valid use case and it should

be allowed/handled correctly by the doc generation process/validation.

In order to avoid clashing the directive ids will get a suffix

called "section" if type=section will be present as param.

Quicklinks, <directive> links have been updated to the new

scheme to avoid dandling pointers in the doc.

Comments/reviews are welcome, if I left something behind

please let me know.

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synopsis.xsl: do not render two times the same

directive HTML if more than one

directive share the same name.

This has happened when mod_md.xml was introduced,

and the following directives shared the same name:

* ManagedDomain

* <ManagedDomain>

With the current code each time that a node needs

to be rendered it will emit a duplicate, ending up

in the above example with 4 sections rather than two.

Uniqueness of sections will be ensured by the HTML

elements ids, to avoid errors before committing for

example (accidental duplicates, etc..).

Make the comments link always appear under "See also" in the right panel of each doc page.

Previously it was inconsistently placed right below the last section on top.

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Follow up for the Bugfix checklist panel. Remove ":" from Bugfix checklist, moved HTTPD to httpd, added the component=mod_name to the "Open bug" link.

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Follow up to r1740928, r1740967: Introduce 'proxy section' context?
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Fix a typo

Remove a useless empty line

Turn a tab into spaces to be consistent

Second part of the new "Bugfix checklist" panel in the modules doc pages.

Changes discussed in docs@ and implemented:

- Moved Httpd to HTTPD

- Created a new link to quickly open a bug in Bugzilla

- Modified the link called "Open bugs" to "Known issues" and appended

the bugzilla component name to the URL. In this way the user will only

see bugs related to the module under review, not all the httpd ones.

A little hack was necessary since some mpms have inconsistent naming

(e.g. mpm_event in Bugzilla and event in docs).

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Add a new panel to all the module doc pages containing quicklinks for Changelog and open bugs.

This change should help users not familiar with the httpd changelog and bugzilla to check them

before asking in IRC/users@/etc if httpd has a bug or not. The wording and position of the

panel can of course be changed; this is a proposal to improve user experience while consulting

doc pages related to httpd modules. The change has also been discussed in docs@.

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Flip directives and topics sections after discussion around ordering
Adjust template to align page content with table of contents
allow placing the 'directive' word before the directive name in the module synopsis.

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port retirement styles from 2.0 to trunk

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XSL changes needed to add comments to our docs.
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use localized not-translated-yet message

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add untranslated directives to the output

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* let status texts and letters completely depend on the language

* let directive contexts and letters completely depend on the language

* allow embedding the "licensed" footer text

* generate quickreference legend automatically

* fix some japanese documents where statusses where translated by accident

Initially submitted by: Nilgün Belma Bugüner <nilgun>

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update license header text
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add href attribute to modules's status field

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Update the last year of copyright.

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Update copyright year to 2005 and standardize on current copyright owner line.

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adjust copyright notices in the style directory

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apply markup in directive description fields

general property cleanup

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update stylesheets for autogeneration

move non-autogenerated chm/ stuff to xsl/

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