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Fix spelling errors in docs found by codespell. [skip ci]

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common.dtd: add idtype attribute to directive

This change completes r1805372 and also fixes

links generation for <ManageDomain> and <SSLPolicy>

in sections.xml

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<pre> does not accept a class attribute.

fix comment

doc dtd changes:

- <module> elements can be flagged with outdated="true" now. This can be used

for markup describing modules which no longer exist. (They won't generate

invalid links)

- <directive> elements grew a "name" attribute, which can be set to the

directive name if the element content is not the actual directive name. (for

sections there's still the type='section' attribute).

Trying out the new build commands. If anything fails, blame rbowen for pushing me to do this :( *sob*
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update license header text
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Update the last year of copyright.

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centralize the versioning of the httpd and the docs directories

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Fix dtd to match <glossary> change in xsl.

adjust copyright notices in the style directory

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add missing definition for the glossary and phonetic elements

well, program needs to be defined, not just referenced...

add <program> element

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add two new elements:

<glossary> for links to the glossary

<phonetic> for pronouncations (e.g. using IPA)- to be used in the glossary


general property cleanup

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fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

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apply Apache License, Version 2.0

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Transform <columnspec><column width=".2">... hints to help latex

size tables properly. Also change the html tranforms to ignore this

and add the elements to the dtd.

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get a rid of <relativepath>

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- new XML and XSLT for our start page

- required some changes in DTD, CSS and style/lang/* files

Reviewed by: Astrid Ke�ler, Erik Abele

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add <transnote> element

This element should only be used in non-english documentation to include

some translation notes.

Added imports for the extended character entity sets Latin 1,

Symbols and Special: for convenience all XML docs which use

common.dtd can now use the well-known character entities instead

of their numerical counterparts. For a complete reference see

the corresponding .ent-files in the w3c directory.

- add "cite" attribute to <blockquote>

- allow only block elements inside of blockquote.

(HTML strict requirement)

formal changes:

- <em> -> <var>

- markup improvements

- allow class attribute for <li>

content changes:

- remove the references to apache 1.3 in IndexOptions descriptions

- clarify (prior non-existing) incremental index options example...

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required changes to include the obsolete stuff.

- new entries in en.xml

- sidebar for moduleindex

- new <hint> element for modulesynopsis

- status attribute for <directive> and <module> in order to

create correct links (status="obsolete" inserts an 'obs_'

before the module file name in the href)

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Added <indent> element (after a discussion with and reviewed by nd)

ok, starting this: turn bogus <em> to <var>


- several markup improvements (I hope)

- remove &nbsp; from c&p examples, because:

- if you want preformatted text, use <pre>

- they may lead to invisible errors (\xA0 = &nbsp;

is not recognized by the config parser as whitespace)

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- add the general ability to create zebra tables

automagically (<table style="zebra">)

- allow some attributes in th (e.g. colspan)

- add ability for <h4> sections

- refuse to transform deeper nesting than h4

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allow inline quotations (<q>)