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Fix an example in doc
XML updates.

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* Remove trailing whitespace from a bunch of *.xml files

* Quoted arguments to Rewrite{Base,Cond,Map,Rule}.

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Enclose parameters in quotation marks for <{Files,Directory,Location}{,Match}>


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add a generic tuning section and linked to the piped logger

issue in logs.html

Add BitNami to binaries list
reword windows binaries text so it's clear that you may or may not see

binaries for a given release. Remove a "HTTPd" term that looked funny.

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Adding ApacheHaus. Reorder alpha so that we don't appear to be endorsing

one over the others.

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Forgot to mention Apache Lounge.

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Adds links to wamp, xampp, to answer frequent complaint that we don't

tell people where to obtain httpd for MSWin

some more typos

Get rid of "SystemRoot" used where ServerRoot was meant, by dropping this

whole part of the sentence.

(use drive letters, unless they're network drives and you're running as

a service ...)

Some minor tweaks to the wording of the windows page.
The ASF does not provide official binary packages for 2.4/2.5, so let's not pretend we do.

We can always revert this if/when someone steps up and provides convenience packages again.

s/2.3/2.5/ and s/2.5/2.&httpd.minor;/ where applicable (assuming it works)

also note that a specific issue with mod_authn_dbd also applies to 2.4, so as to not confuse readers.

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This is httpd 2.5, not 2.3, and we do not support Windows 9x/ME anymore, so let's just drop the reference to them.
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syntax for misc/ and platform/
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replace most of the literal 2.2's with the major version entity

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Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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follow up r1042758 and r1043011 with more fixes to use

proper example domains

(and show some respect in our mangled version of

by using .edu instead of .com)

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clearly distinguish between independent UNC path examples to

prevent user confusion

describe UNC paths vs mapped drive letters

Correct the instructions for stopping an Apache server

running in a Windows console. Reported by jhannwong.


Rename MaxRequestsPerChild to MaxConnectionsPerChild, which

describes more accurately what the directive does.

The old name still works but logs a warning.

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Spelling errors

PR: 49983, 49967

Submitted by: Chris Matthews <chris bbd co za>,

Angelo Babudro <tech support donsdirectory com>

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<li> must be followed by a matching </li>.

Note SSL caviet and installer features in windows platform docs.

Drop the symbols/ tree, nothing is installed within it.

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