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Fix spelling errors in docs found by codespell. [skip ci]

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Document built-in DOCUMENT_PATH_INFO and USER_NAME that have been available and undocumented for years (already present in the very first commit of mod_include.c in svn history in 1999!)

Tested and works like a charm.

Spotted while looking at PR 34405.

override index: update missing <override>s in directives
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Synch trunk and 2.4 branch
Remove useless <br \> in highlight blocks.

(r1741841 in 2.4.x + small tweak for logs.xml because quoting is different. This will be fixed later on)

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Add the <!--#comment ... --> syntax.

Idea from Rob.

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Follow-up to r1734817: Reorder, mention compatibility

mod_include now sets DOCUMENT_ARGS.

* Like DOCUMENT_URI, this is for the SSI document, not for any

subrequest called for the include directive.

* Like QUERY_STRING, this is just r->args (or empty string if there are


The name of the variable is taken from the Zeus SSI implementation.

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Simply remove trailing whitespace.

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Fix typo as spotted in a comment in online doc by JPKole
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Emphasize that the output of #printenv is plain text so that it doesn't dump a bunch of unformatted text in an HTML doc.
Tweak phrasing to more closely match what we say in the include section
Adds examples for fsize and clarifies the difference between file and virtual
Adds example to echo
Adds examples to the various <!--#config attributes.

The word 'Basic' is not meaningful here. These are all of the available


Drop pre-2.3 compatibility notes from trunk docs.

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Typo fixes
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Syntax updates for mod_h*.xml, mod_i*.xml
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mod_include: The SSIAccessEnable directive existed to ensure the addition

of the "-A" syntax would not break existing configurations in v2.2. Remove

the directive for v2.4, defaulting the behaviour to enabled.

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mod_include: Add support for application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoding

and decoding.

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Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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Use the new "ap_expr" expression parser.

The old parser can still be used by setting the new directive


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ap_expr related fixes and enhancements

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Adding SetEnvIfExpr documentation, and more references to expr.html
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mod_include: Add the onerror attribute to the include element, allowing

an URL to be specified to include on error.

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mod_include: Reinstate support for UTF-8 character sets by allowing a

variable being echoed or set to be decoded and then encoded as separate

steps. PR47686

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