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Rename mod_disk_cache to mod_cache_disk within the documentation.

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Warn that not only does mod_disk_cache require mod_cache, but

mod_cache has to be loaded first. Reported by Eric Covener.


Add documentation for mod_cache and mod_disk_cache.

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mod_disk_cache: CacheMaxFileSize, CacheMinFileSize, CacheReadSize and

CacheReadTime can be set per directory/location.

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mod_cache: Change the signature of the store_body() provider function

within the mod_cache provider interface to support an "in" brigade

and an "out" brigade instead of just a single input brigade. This

gives a cache provider the option to consume only part of the brigade

passed to it, rather than the whole brigade as was required before.

This fixes an out of memory and a request timeout condition that would

occur when the original document was a large file. Update the

mod_disk_cache provider implementation to take into account the new API.

Introduce CacheReadSize and CacheReadTime directives to mod_disk_cache

to control the amount of data to attempt to cache before sending the

data on to the client in the "out" brigade.

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Small typo.

fix mod_disk_cache to support EnableSendfile.

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Updating to reflect current defaults

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update license header text
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Update the copyright year in all .c, .h and .xml files

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Update copyright year to 2005 and standardize on current copyright owner line.

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fix copyright notice

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Add 'New features of 2.1/2.2' to index page.

Add reference to htcacheclean in mod_disk_cache docs via program. (Yay, nd!)

Update transformations.

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readd status information

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At long last, promote mod_cache and friends out of experimental/.

Also, take quick pass through docs files to remove experimental label for them.

Reviewed by: Paul Querna, Bill Stoddard, Justin Erenkrantz

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$Revision$ is slightly misdocumented (only available since svn 1.1)

use LastChangedRevision instead

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adjust properties and revision expansion of the English docs

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mod_disk_cache: Remove a bunch of non-implemented garbage collection

and cache size directives that are now available through htcacheclean.

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add $Revision$ keyword

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fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

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apply Apache License, Version 2.0

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add the metafile attribute to all xml files.

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Fix some typos in the <default> and <syntax> and remove the


Suggested by: Mikhail Filimonov <>

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only little markup and line break issues

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Updates to the mod_disk_cache.xml file to update formatting, improve

detail and accuracy, and to align with what the code does.

fix a lot of weird links and markup

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Change the CacheRoot processing to check for a required

value at config time. This saves a lot of wasted processing

if the mod_disk_cache module is loaded but no CacheRoot

was provided. This fix also adds code to log an error

and avoid useless pallocs and procesing when the computed

cache file name cannot be opened. This also updates the

docs accordingly. [Paul J. Reder]

mod_cache doc updates.

Submitted by: Jean-Jacques Clar <>

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