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Fix spelling errors in docs found by codespell. [skip ci]

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Axe some outdated compatibility notes
Add IndexOptions UseOldDateFormat

*) mod_autoindex: Add IndexOptions UseOldDateFormat to allow the date

format from 2.2 in the Last Modified column. PR60846.

PR34014 / r903052 changed date format for autoindex

Submitted By: Hank Ibell <hwibell>

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Remove useless <br \> in highlight blocks.

(r1741864 in 2.4.x + small tweak because quoting is different. This will be fixed later on)

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* Remove trailing whitespace from a bunch of *.xml files

* Quoted arguments to Rewrite{Base,Cond,Map,Rule}.

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Enclose parameters in quotation marks for <{Files,Directory,Location}{,Match}>


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Mention which indexoptions need fancyindexing. Rsesolves bz56985

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Fix typo spotted on online doc by Louise Hope.


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Syntax for mod_a*.xml and MPMs
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Point to mod_autoindex instead of autoindex.

Internal link to the right section.

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Removes references to how things used to be in 2.0.x, and makes

necessary rephrasings to compensate for those references.

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mention IndexIgnore limitation in DirectoryMatch and friends as currently

documented only in bugzilla (PR51471)

remove punctuation from example
Replace unusable/fringe absolute path example for AddDescription and list

some weird AddDescription semantics related to directories.

-This line, and those below, will be ignored--

M mod_autoindex.xml

roll back pair of recent autoindex changes (1204355:1204306)

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upgrading/compat notes on some unexpected AddDescription behavior

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Adds border, zebra striping, to IndexStyleSheet table.

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Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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Specify the default settings, as requested in tid50417

Rephrase comment about default ordering to clarify interaction between

default ordering and client preferences. tid50417

Provide the IndexIgnore example that's in the httpd-autoindex config

file in extras.

Additional note about BLANKICON, as per tid50417

As per tid50417, clarify that the icon URL can in fact be a

fully-qualified remote URL.

fix xml validity

add compatability to IndexIgnoreReset

PR#24243: allow some control over how IndexIgnore'd files are merged.

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Document the default value of mod_autoindex's CharSet option

on various platforms. Reported by Toralf Forster. PR49675

Further clarification of SuppressHTMLPreamble + ReadmeName behavior.

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Clarify that SuppressHTMLPreamble also suppresses the </body></html> on

the output. (Thanks to "Alumin" on #httpd freenode IRC)

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