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Fix spelling errors in docs found by codespell. [skip ci]

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Enclose parameters in quotation marks for <{Files,Directory,Location}{,Match}>


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Security notes about SQL injection.

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Adding security related information

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Drop pre-2.3 compatibility notes from trunk docs.

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s/2.3/2.5/ and s/2.5/2.&httpd.minor;/ where applicable (assuming it works)

also note that a specific issue with mod_authn_dbd also applies to 2.4, so as to not confuse readers.

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Note that AuthDBDUserRealmQuery is for Digest auth requests, not Basic auth.
fix XML validation.

Revert some of the hilighting to use <example><pre>, for instance: ldiffs

Make some of the lines that were artifically broken > 40char.

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Syntax for mod_a*.xml and MPMs
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Typo fix (thanks to Tom Browder on users@)

Change AuthnCacheProvider --> AuthnCacheProvideFor to deal with overloading

of "provider" and likely confusion with AuthnCacheSOCache.

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Point out that the format of encrypted passwords depends on

whether you're using mod_authn_basic or mod_authn_digest.

Reported by Josef Spillner, PR46672.

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Add cacheing to authn_dbd docs

note required APR/httpd versions

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PR 43211: Revise mod_authn_dbd and mod_authz_dbd documenation to reflect

current APR DBD query statement parameter requirements. Tidy up examples

and links to glossary and external sites. Update transformation.

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PR #43358 - Fix links to moved auth directives (Takashi Sato)

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* Remove </p> as the docs fail to build due to this incomplete tag.

Add docs for the AUTHENTICATE_ prefixed exposure of login attributes during


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mod_authn_dbd: Export any additional columns queried in the SQL select

into the environment with the name AUTHENTICATE_<COLUMN>. This brings

mod_authn_dbd behaviour in line with mod_authnz_ldap.

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update license header text
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Correct DBDParams string in example

INOUE Seiichiro (who reported the bug) suggests referencing the

pgsql documentation. I disagree, but I wonder if PgSQL is really

a good choice of example, since it (untypically) parses the params

itself rather than have the apr_dbd driver do it.

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Fix documentation bugs

Bring documentation up to date with yesterdays fix

Add a usage example to documentation page

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get the properties and the copyright date right

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Add mod_authn_dbd

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