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Misplaced contextlist tag.

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add RedirectRelative directive to allow relative Redirect targets

2616 forbade relative redirect URLs, but 7231 allows them

Early 2.2 maintenance levels did not fix them up, but later 2.2 and all 2.4

fixed them up with ap_construct_url().

Allow opt-in to not fixing up relative URLs with RedirectRelative

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Fixed a small typo (double if) in r1799475
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Fixed a small statement about the result of Redirect when scheme and hostname is not defined in the directive
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Improve highlight and formatting.
Fix compatibility notes.

Synch with 2.4.x

Add compatibility note.

Turn some tabs into space.

Remove some useless <br /> in <highlight> blocks. (this was causing some additionnal blank lines at the end of some examples)

* Remove trailing whitespace from a bunch of *.xml files

* Quoted arguments to Rewrite{Base,Cond,Map,Rule}.

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Quote {Alias,Redirect,ScriptAlias}{,Match} arguments.

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Enclose parameters in quotation marks for <{Files,Directory,Location}{,Match}>


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Clarify regex so that it matches /icons or /icons/ but not /iconsFOO (as

per bz53483

mod_alias: Introduce expression parser support for Alias, ScriptAlias

and Redirect.

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- add png image, which is missing in latex build

- fix strange html causing tex to stop processing

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PR54308: aliasmatch ^/foo matches requests for ////foo

not unique to leading slashes.

PR54307, Alias and leading slashes
Syntax for mod_a*.xml and MPMs
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Be consistent in the use of URL-path instead of url-path
It's spelled "occurring", not "occuring".
Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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zap another "myserver" hostname

Yet Another Typo. (Thanks to Vincent de Lau)

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Clarification of pronoun - I had to read that sentence a few times to be certain what "it" referred to.

Clarify that either both, or neither, arguments should have a slash.

use instead of other non-standard examples

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Change mentions of 'Deny from' and 'Allow from' to new Require syntax.

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Clarifying Redirect of GET/POST.
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Expand on mod_alias documentation.

Add a link from the glossary entry on regular expressions to the wikipedia

page that seems to be a good reference for the syntax of PCRE's flavor of

regular expressions.

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Adds clarifying comment to example configuration. (Redirect)

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Clarify that the target of a Redirect may be either a full URL including

scheme and hostname, or just a URI path beginning with a slash.

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