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Fix some grammar errors in the docs

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event.xml: follow up r1820466 with Yann's suggestions
event.xml: add a note about lingering close
event.xml: fix reference to upcoming httpd release
event.xml doc: update to latest improvements
Added some notes in mpm-event's doc page
Fixed some wording in mpm-event's doc page
Add a section to mpm-event's documentation to advertise new changes

I tried to add a summary of Stefan's last patches just backported to

2.4.x today. I've read all of them and tried to report Stefan's comment

from PR 53555 as much as possible. Please review and let me know if I wrong

something incorrect or not precise enough.

Fixed wording about the event's doc page after Mike's feedback on dev@
Added a specific reference to mpm-event's doc about the fact that mpm-accept is not needed anymore
Simplified the AsyncRequestWorkerFactor section of mod_event's doc page

let's not emphasize keep-alive w/ the Event MPM. That was true long,

long ago when that was the only thing that made it useful. Nowadays,

it really *is* an event-based MPM w/ async/non-blocking i/o.

Added examples to mod_event's AsyncRequestWorkerFactor section.

Removed confusing parts in the Limitations section of the mod_event's doc page.

Proposal for an improved version of the mod_even page.

Try to document the current behavior of MPM event with filters like mod_ssl,

mod_deflate, or mod_include

Update the docs to note that SSL now works with the event MPM as per r1470679.

Don't count connections in lingering close state when

calculating how many additional connections may be accepted

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Fixing some typos
PR52878: broken links to unixd directives
Fix link for User/Group. Credit: Humbedooh
Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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Add some docs for AsyncRequestWorkerFactor

Rename MaxClients to MaxRequestWorkers which describes more accurately what

it does.

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Rename MaxRequestsPerChild to MaxConnectionsPerChild, which

describes more accurately what the directive does.

The old name still works but logs a warning.

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'Apache' => 'Apache HTTP Server'

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move a couple of special warnings for SysV sems and Posix sems out of the

performance tuning guide and into the common Mutex documentation; remove the

other (duplicate) information from that guide and instead point to the Mutex


mpm_common: axe docs for old accept mutex directives

worker and prefork: axe links to old accept mutex directives, mention the use

of the accept mutex and how it can be configured

event: axe links to old mutex directives where were already N/A

mod_rewrite: axe old RewriteLock directive, mention use of the rewrite map

mutex for RewriteMap programs and how it can be configured

fix other miscellaneous LockFile or AcceptMutex references

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The Event MPM is no longer experimental; move it out of that ghetto.

Yank the few bits that implement the concept of an experimental MPM.

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the problem with Event and mod_ssl was fixed with rev. 533820. I'm not

aware of problems with other input filters that aren't addressed in that fix.

update license header text
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