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Changeset 102617 is being indexed.

fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

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apply Apache License, Version 2.0

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Typo, reported by Michael Schroepl

remove references to Irix uslock() mutex primitive

tweak mutex mechanism descriptions to describe them in terms of

AcceptMutex directive instead of ancient 1.3-style CFLAGS for

enabling to the mechanism

PR: 24228

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Remove the general not-updated warning for perf-tuning,

since the document is mostly accurate. But since the

accept-mutex section seems a little dated, leave a

warning there. That could use some developer intervention.

Also, remove the author attribution, since large parts

of this have changed since Dean wrote it.

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Fix broken links

Submitted by: kajaa <>

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remove the relativepath element from the documents.

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add the metafile attribute to all xml files.

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Corrected some capitalisation issues and changed 'Performance Notes'

to 'Performance Tuning'.

Submitted by: Iikka Meril�inen <>

Slightly tweaked the patch to keep 'Sitemap' consistent.

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fix xml errors and build the stuff

$ build validate-xml

[xmlvalidate] .../manual/misc/perf-tuning.xml:139:45: The element type "section"

must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</section>".

(actually: missing <p>)

$build validate-xml

[xmlvalidate] .../manual/misc/perf-tuning.xml:477:12: Element type "i" must be de


[xmlvalidate] .../manual/misc/perf-tuning.xml:481:54: The content of element type

"p" must match "(em|strong|code|a|br|directive|module|img|cite|q|dfn|var|transnote)".

(you meant <em>, put it there)

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Applying patch from 2.0 branch, however, there still appears to be some

invalid xml in here, although I have been completely unable to track it


This patch adds discussion of removing unneeded modules, as well as

section titles to facilitate links directly to the various sections.

added some documentation about MPM selection and atomic operations

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better formatting

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- add several <parentdocument>s

- mention the rewriteguide on misc/index

(hmm, what about the perf-hp document in /platform/?

Is it still on topic?)

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Document EnableSendfile. I'm presuming that directives.html* and

quick_reference.html* are now autogenerated. Could someone run the

xml builder and commit the compiled results?

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Convert rewriteguide, perf-tuning and misc/index to xml.

Submitted by: Tim Gerundt <>

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