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Fix spelling errors in docs found by codespell. [skip ci]

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s/the the/the/g

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Quote log-sink arguments for {Custom,Error,Transfer}Log directive.

Except syslog and journal, which are keywords. There's no harm

in quoting those, but no real point to it, either.

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* Remove trailing whitespace from a bunch of *.xml files

* Quoted arguments to Rewrite{Base,Cond,Map,Rule}.

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Quote ScriptAlias and DocumentRoot arguments.

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Enclose parameters in quotation marks for <{Files,Directory,Location}{,Match}>


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- fix various internal links, directive and module references

- add missing documents to the sitemap (if it's not in the sitemap, it's not

going into any of the offline formats)

- fix a few metafile references (d'oh)

- fix some typos along the way

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avoid non-ascii quotes. Sometimes they're just wrong. Sometimes they simply

break the current latex build

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bring perf scaling into the 21st century (s/allow from all/require all granted/).
formatting, highlighting.
fix formating and some links
bump versions.
Selecting an MPM in performance docs.
add LastChangedRevision as svn properties as well
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Fix eol style and rebuild.

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s/FilesETag/FileETag/ in example.

Fix XML validation

Tidy up XML
Add a first draft of performance scaling wiki, by now outdated by a year or three.