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Fix Squent typo.


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More HTML cleanups, retrofit of intentional <XA> tag to a no-op

<A NAME> (thanks, Marc). Lots of trailing blanks removed throughout.

Small addition to the new_features_1_3 page. Plenty of

cleanup still to come..

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Update bind-8.1 docs in FAQ.

Update known_bugs with 1.2.1 relevance.

Remove some 192.168.x.x host references in known_bugs.

Add note about sunos 4.x and KeepAlive off.

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Removal of the Evil TAB Characters.

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Online docs appearance rework: pass 1, phase 2 - the

htdocs/manual/misc directory. Colour scheme set up and

page-top stuff centred.

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Add info on IRIX patches.

Big spelling and HTML cleanup of docs. Thanks go to weblint and ispell

and their authors.

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Update systems w/FIN_WAIT_2 timeout to reflect info I have received.

Adjusted some of the explanations of the FIN_WAIT_2 problems to

accurately reflect the current status, reasons why it occurs, and

what client authors should be doing. Also reformatted my mail

message appendix so that it is applicable to a non-Apache audience.

Modify the FIN_WAIT_2 docs page to change the info on Solaris (based on

information from Mukesh Kacker <>)

and add info on HP-UX (based on information from

Rick Jones <>).

Add more information on the FIN_WAIT_2 problem.

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