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RHEL and CentOS now use dnf. Call out yum as the outlier, rather than

the other way around.

Fix a <code> block that should be wider.
Fix some spelling errors

(see PR 63923)

in suexec.xml, remove a useless comment and slighly improve layout

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Oops. Mised pre-systemd syntax with systemd syntax. Trying to be consistent. I expect someone will complain.
Rebuild from recent changes.

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Installation instructions, and links, for the majority of people who

will not be building from source.

lynx isn't common any more.

XML update.

no --with-perl since 1.3

Simply remove trailing whitespace.

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address comment

link to win_compiling from Install doc.

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s/2.3/2.5/ and s/2.5/2.&httpd.minor;/ where applicable (assuming it works)

also note that a specific issue with mod_authn_dbd also applies to 2.4, so as to not confuse readers.

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More typo fixes
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Merge note about now-external APR dependency from 2.4 branch, and add note about PCRE
Cleanup effort in prep for GA push:

Trim trailing whitespace... no func change

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Rebuilding various recent changes.

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XML validation.
Mention third-party distributions, and provide a link to the wiki page

listing common layouts of these 3p distros.

Minor fixes in spelling/grammar/xml/versions
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Adapt docs to modules now being build dynamically by default.
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My mistake. --enaable-rewrite=shared is in fact valid syntax, even

though ./configure --help doesn't mention it.

Invalid syntax for the configure script.

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'Apache' -> 'Apache HTTP Server' etc

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Remove mentions of HTTPD. Mea culpa.

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Broken links

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Encourage people to look at ./configure --help

Several people this week have seemed to think that this document should

list all the options. Perhaps that's not entirely unreasonable, but it

isn't going to happen any time soon.

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update license header text
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Use the phrase used elsewhere in the documentation "root privileges".

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