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Changeset 97868 is being indexed.

update transformation: part V/V

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update English transformation

(a lot of stuff, sorry!; whe should really improve the page headers for

better diffs....)

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update transformation

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updated transformations.

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- fix several validation errors

- introduce CSS class td.centered: guess, what it does ;-)

please, use with care...

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Added <module>...</module> to module-references.

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Conversion of ssi.html to xml

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Get rid of my email address in yet another document.

Patch submitted by David Shane Holden to make docs valid xhtml.

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Removed extraneous whitespace.

PR: 8944

Submitted by: Alex Batko <>

Correct SSI time format reference.

Submitted by: (Masao Takaku)

PR: 8449


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Update SSI docs to use AddOutputFilter in place of SetOutputFilter.

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Clarify a little how options work.

w3c tidy to convert to xhtml. Please verify that foreign language files

in here have not been screwed up.

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There's no particular reason to advertise ApacheToday and/or

Some doc updates realted to ssi.

1. Add info on how to activate ssi to upgrading.html.

2. Remove mention of the ssi magic mime-types, since they no

longer work.

3. Place a warning on xbithack that it doesn't currently work,

and reference the bug report.

4. Add a warning about mod_include parsing non-html content.

5. Misc little fixups.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Bring the mod_include docs up to scratch and link up the ssi tutorial.

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
Update all the references I can find to use SetOutputFilter to

actives SSIs.

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Attributes should be quoted.

PR: 7122

Submitted by: Kohei Watanabe

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Adding howto docs from 1.3 tree

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