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Fix spelling errors in docs found by codespell. [skip ci]

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Fix typo
Synch with 2.4.x.

mod_http2 is nor more experimental.

More s/code/module/

Prefer <module> to hard coded <a href=...>

Add some direct links to directives

Split long lines

Fix a typo and use <module> instead of <code> in order to have links and a better syntax highlight
trivial tweak

mod_http2 documentation: going a bit more into PUSH details and explaining H2EarlyHints feature.

Bad metafile.

added mpm advice to http2 howto
Set $LastChangedRevision.
Added notes to the HTTP/2 howto
Added some notes to the HTTP/2 howto
reverting my previous commit
Added some sections to the HTTP/2 howto. Still WIP.
fleshing out the http2 howto a bit
fix properties

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Skeleton of the HTTP/2 how-to guide in docs