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Reorder sections.

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replace mystery smart-quotes copy/pasted from httpd.conf + vi.

add 2 conditional logging examples

Follow up to r1810605.

Update docs' BNF, provide a short description of the new %{::} syntax and

a few examples. To be continued..

compat note for REMOTE_PORT

Correct some typos across the documentation.

This commit was made thanks to the tool and PR

created by Lajos Veres (vlajos) on github.



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PR59938: add %{REMOTE_PORT} to the expression parser

Submitted By: Hank Ibell <hwibell>

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Fix doc as spotted by Dusan Bajic in online doc
Fix doc as spotted by Francois B in online doc
expand third common in the expression functions doc

Explain some risks at looking at per-request environment variables

set by other modules within <If>.

mod_crypto: Add the all purpose crypto filters with support for HLS.

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add a -R example, I had to ask for help to figure out the single quotes.

ErrorDocument is not a section directive.

expr support for HTTP2 variable
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Note that as a function, kept_body requires an argument,

but the value of that argument is completely moot.

ap_expr now allows kept_body() function to grab/use

response body if stored in r->kept_body

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Fix doc as spotted by A. Gh. in online doc
add a mod_headers condition clause expression example

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* Remove trailing whitespace from a bunch of *.xml files

* Quoted arguments to Rewrite{Base,Cond,Map,Rule}.

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Quote {Alias,Redirect,ScriptAlias}{,Match} arguments.

  1. … 157 more files in changeset.
Enclose parameters in quotation marks for <{Files,Directory,Location}{,Match}>


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mod_authn_core: Add expression support to AuthName and AuthType.

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core: Add expression support to ErrorDocument. Switch from a fixed

sized 664 byte array per merge to a hash table.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
mod_alias: Introduce expression parser support for Alias, ScriptAlias

and Redirect.

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Add missing 'filemod' in functions list + minor formatting issue + long line split
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function examples, other flavor of function examples. replace() example

add a warning to resp() similar to the one present for REQUEST_STATUS [too early in <if>]

even out some whitespace

* ap_exr: Add replace(string, from, to) function.

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