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update transformation

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update transformation: part V/V

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update English transformation

(a lot of stuff, sorry!; whe should really improve the page headers for

better diffs....)

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Fix typo.

Submitted by: Luiz Rocha <lsdr@lsdr.net>

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transform update, perhaps this is the last big one...

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Transform updates.

Sorry for the massive diff folks. I fell personally responsible for clogging

the Internet.

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Update transformations.

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Updated XML plus transformations. This was the last one. Puhh.

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fix the example apxs -i invocation to work with the Apache 2.0 build


PR: 12151

Submitted by: god@ogmc.ru

Reviewed by: Jeff Trawick

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Fix typo.

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Ran w3c tidy on these as 'tidy -mi -asxml' to get xhtml. Please verify,

in particular, the non-english files, to make sure I did not screw

anything up. They look fine to me.

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Couple small updates to dso.html

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Finish some cleanup that Ryan started on dso.html:

- Add a sumary, index, ext

- put the most important stuff at the top

- remove some obsolete stuff

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Update the DSO docs for Apache 2.0

PR: 6879

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Adding references to html'ized man pages where appropriate.

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update some references to the old prefix/libexec directory

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Documentation for the Netware port

Submitted by: Mike Gardiner

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Add DGUX...

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Update DSO status...

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Add Apple platforms.

Update the date.

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Update some supported platforms.

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PORT: Add Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support for BSDI (v4.0).

Submitted by: Tom Serkowski <tks@bsdi.com>

PR: 3453

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More documentation consistency cleanup for 1.3.2.

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Rename some references in the docs from the old "OSF1" term to the official

term "Digital UNIX".

Submitted by: Robert Urban <urban@rto.dec.com>

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Link DSO modules against possible libraries from $(LIBS) (take 2)


Currently we have the following entry in our dso.html document:

| Because DSO modules cannot be linked against other DSO-based libraries (ld

| -lfoo) on all platforms (for instance a.out-based platforms usually don't

| provide this functionality while ELF-based platforms do) you cannot use the

| DSO mechanism for all types of modules. Or in other words, modules compiled as

| DSO files are restricted to only use symbols from the Apache core, from the C

| library (libc) and all other dynamic or static libraries used by the Apache

| core, or from static library archives (libfoo.a) containing position

| independend code. The only chance to use other code is to either make sure the

| Apache core itself already contains a reference to it or loading the code

| yourself via dlopen().

The important part here is: "cannot be linked .... on all platforms". But

there _are_ platform (especially ELF-based ones) which support linking DSO

files agains other DSO files. And even on platforms where this is not

possible is it possible to at least link against libraries assuming they

contain PIC code.

So, the idea is this: In the configuration process we already determine the

variable LDFLAGS and LIBS. They hold -L and -l options for linking

executables. We parse these options and separate them into three classes:

OBJ, PIC and DSO. And then we re-assemble a LIBS_SHLIB variable from only the

options in classes PIC and DSO. This variable is then used on the build

command for mod_xxx.so.


| $ ./configure --prefix=/tmp/apache \

| --enable-module=auth_db \

| --enable-shared=auth_db \

| --enable-rule=SHARED_CHAIN

Without SHARED_CORE the mod_auth_db.so cannot be linked or at least not loaded

correctly under run-time. With SHARED_CHAIN enabled it is linked against the

libdb.so and all is fine (at least under this ELF-based Debian box I tried):

| :> make mod_auth_db.so

| gcc -c -I../../os/unix -I../../include -I/usr/include/ -DLINUX=2

| -DUSE_HSREGEX `../../apaci` -fpic -DSHARED_MODULE mod_auth_db.c && mv

| mod_auth_db.o mod_auth_db.lo

| ld -Bshareable -o mod_auth_db.so mod_auth_db.lo -lm -ldb

| root@gw1:/e/apache/SRC/WORK/apache-1.3-libsshlib/src/modules/standard

| :> ldd mod_auth_db.so

| ./mod_auth_db.so => ./mod_auth_db.so

| libc.so.5 => /lib/libc.so.5

| libm.so.5 => /lib/libm.so.5

| libdb.so.1 => /usr/lib/libdb.so.1

This way we provide the maximum we can provide. Sure, on some platforms the

user still has no chance. But this shouldn't mean he becomes no chance on

other platforms where there _is_ a chance. So this patch is a first step for

more friendly and flexible DSO support.

The complete mechanism is triggered by a new Rule named SHARED_CHAIN. To avoid

problems this is DISABLED(!) for ALL(!) platforms currently. But when

experience shows that it worked fine for users we can enable it for tested

platforms per default.

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Add Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support for SCO5 (OpenServer 5.0.x).

Submitted by: Ronald Record <rr@sco.com>

Reviewed by: Ralf S. Engelschall

PR: 2533

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fix typos

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Just some minor fixes.

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Update/Create hyperlinks to new HTML document about DSO.

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