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Update transformations.

Sorry for the noise, blame it to the

simplified chinese cleanup.

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Update transformations.

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update transformation
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general property cleanup

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`build typemaps`

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new XML

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Added thread-safety info for ImageMagick and PDFlib.

Submitted by: Travers Carter <>

fix html errors

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I'm probably not the right guy to teach people how to write thread safe

code, but I can at least document the braindead obvious issues people

might face.

Add note on c-client based on evidence from c-client mailing list archives

and, in particular, Mark Crispin's posts.

Update bzip2 entry based on examination of documentation.

OpenLDAP 2.1.x has libldap_r.* libraries. Use that to ensure thread


OpenSSL is thread-safe if you play its game.

Add link to expat's site

Add commentary on why zlib is threadsafe (fully threadsafe as of 1.1.2

if default zalloc and zfree used - see zlib's changelog)

Reformat table entries so it is easier to maintain.

I'm going to hazard a guess as to why GDBM is listed as non-threadsafe and

blame it on the error checking.

Remove stray </p>

Fix up so we have a better shot at validating.

Send email to if have improvements, etc, etc.

Minor copy editing

A bit of info from Ian

Many more to come - just committing to get the framework in there so

people can start adding to it.