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Adds additional clarification, as requested in bz64167

PR58761: developer doc improvements.

Submitted By: Luca Toscano

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Simply remove trailing whitespace.

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whitespace fix
Changing to the new syntax highlighting WRT C source code
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reprecussions -> repercussions
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Fix up title and references to httpd
update license header text
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Update the copyright year in all .c, .h and .xml files

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Authz refactoring

Merge from branches/authz-dev

Basically here is a list of what has been done:

- Convert all of the authz modules from hook based to provider based

- Remove the ap_requires field from the core_dir_config structure

- Remove the function ap_requires() since its functionality is no

longer supported or necessary in the refactoring

- Remove the calls to ap_some_auth_required() in the core request

handling to allow the hooks to be called in all cases.

- Add the new module mod_authz_core which will act as the authorization

provider vector and contain common authz directives such as 'Require',

'Reject' and '<RequireAlias>'

- Add the new module mod_authn_core which will contain common

authentication directives such as 'AuthType', 'AuthName' and


- Move the check for METHOD_MASK out of the authz providers and into

the authz_core provider vector

- Define the status codes that can be returned by the authz providers


- Remove the 'Satisfy' directive

- Implement the '<RequireAll>', '<RequireOne>' block directives to

handle the 'and' and 'or' logic for authorization.

- Remove the 'AuthzXXXAuthoritative' directives from all of the authz


- Implement the 'Reject' directive that will deny authorization if the

argument is true

- Fold the 'Reject' directive into the '<RequireAll>', '<RequireOne>'


- Reimplement the host based authorization functionality provided by

'allow', 'deny' and 'order' as authz providers

- Remove the 'allow', 'deny' and 'order' directives

- Merge mod_authn_alias into mod_authn_core

- Add '<RequireAlias>' functionality which is similar to

'<AuthnProviderAlias>' but specific to authorization aliasing

- Remove all of the references to the 'authzxxxAuthoritative'

directives from the documentation

- Remove the 'Satisfy' directive from the documentation

- Remove 'Allow', 'Deny', 'Order' directives from the documentation

- Document '<RequireAll>', '<RequireOne>', 'Reject' directives

- Reimplement the APIs ap_auth_type(), ap_auth_name() as optional

functions and move the actual implementation into mod_authn_core

- Reimplement the API ap_some_auth_required() as an optional function

and move the actual implementation into mod_authz_core

Major Changes:

- Added the directives <RequireAll>, <RequireOne>, <RequireAlias>,


- Expanded the functionality of the directive 'Require' to handle all

authorization and access control

- Added the new authz providers 'env', 'ip', 'host', 'all' to handle

host-based access control

- Removed the directives 'Allow', 'Deny', 'Order', 'Satisfy',


- Removed the ap_require() API

- Moved the directives 'AuthType', 'AuthName' out of mod_core and into


- Moved the directive 'Require' out of mod_core and into


- Merged mod_authn_alias into mod_authn_core

- Renamed mod_authz_dbm authz providers from 'group' and 'file-group'

to 'dbm-group' and 'dbm-file-group'


- All authorization and access control is now handle through two

directives, 'Require' and 'Reject'

- Authorization has been expanded to allow for complex 'AND/OR' control

logic through the directives '<RequireAll>' and '<RequireOne>'

- Configuration is now much simpler and consistent across the board

- Other modules like mod_ssl and mod_proxy should be able to plug into

and take advantage of the same provider based authorization mechanism

by implementing their own providers


- Backwards compatibility between 2.2 and 2.3 configurations will be

broken in the area of authorization and access control due to the fact

that the directives 'allow', 'deny', 'order' and 'satisfy' have been

removed. When moving from 2.2 to 2.3 these directives will have to be

changed to 'Require all granted', 'Require all denied' or some variation

of the authz host-based providers.

- Existing third party authorization modules will have to adapt to the

new structure.

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fix function name in developer doc

PR: 33438

Submitted by: Bojan Smojver

Reviewed by: Jeff Trawick

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Update copyright year to 2005 and standardize on current copyright owner line.

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oops, readd the empty line

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fix copyright notice

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$Revision$ is slightly misdocumented (only available since svn 1.1)

use LastChangedRevision instead

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adjust properties and revision expansion of the English docs

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the up-to-date checker currently depends on a properly configured cvs in path

that's totally uncool. Let make cvs the work on the fly:

- start adding $Revision$ keyword to english files

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fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

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apply Apache License, Version 2.0

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remove the relativepath element from the documents.

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add the metafile attribute to all xml files.

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- new developer/index.xml

- add references from the subdocuments to the index file (<parentdocument>)

- fix German sitemap reference revision # to be up-to-date

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new XML

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