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Remove "PATH_INFO Changes in CGI Environment" documentation.

Reason: It's outdated and wrong. For 7 years and 3 months.

The behaviour was changed back during Apache 1.2 (!) development.

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update transformation

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`build typemaps`

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New Japanese translation. Forward port from 1.3.

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Ran w3c tidy on these as 'tidy -mi -asxml' to get xhtml. Please verify,

in particular, the non-english files, to make sure I did not screw

anything up. They look fine to me.

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Part 2 of the semi-regular HTML normalisation. Now on to

apache-site... No thirty.

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Another pass at the normalisation of the HTML tags. Some

corrections coming up.

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A truly mighty mod normalising HTML tags to uppercase, and

'i' and 'b' to 'EM' and 'STRONG' respectively. Been threatening

to do this for months.. no-one need try to maintain this when

writing/modifiying the docs.

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Changed colours from mnemonics to #rrggbb syntax, since some

older browsers (e.g., Mozilla 1.1) don't know the names yet.

Submitted by: Comments from Marc Slemko, Brian Behlendorf

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Documentation appearance rework, pass 1, phase 1: background,

aligning first H1 and image in the centre. This is just the

top-level htdocs/manual directory. Still to do: subordinate

directories, format normalisation (to HR or not to HR?).

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Big spelling and HTML cleanup of docs. Thanks go to weblint and ispell

and their authors.

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Document the change in SCRIPT_NAME/PATH_INFO behavior, and the addition of


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