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Tweak coccinelle search pattern.

ssl_log_xerror is the only ssl function that takes a 'pool' argument.

Remove the function name regex as already done for 'ap_log_cserror' above.

Fix APLOGNO coccinelle change done in r1725551.

Improve spatch for APLOGNO a bit.

My (recent) version of coccinelle doesn't

want an identifier "format". Maybe it is reserved

now. Let's use "fmt" instead.

Furthermore I needed to make sure, that fmt isn't

already an APLOGNO, otherwise I got APLOGNO()

in front of already existing APLOGNO(...).

fixup properties

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Various fixes for log message tags:

- Remove tags in ssl_log_ssl_error() and ssl_log_cert_error()

- Instead add tags to various ssl_log_xerror, ssl_log_cxerror

calls (ssl_log_rxerror is unused).

- likewise for modssl_proxy_info_log()

- Fix spelling of APLOG_NOERRNO in coccinelle script

- add support for ssl_log_*error and ap_log_cserror

- add some more tags missing due to APLOG_NOERRNO spelling error

- Remove tags from example modules (we don't want people to blindly copy


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Add some more log message tags

Add some more mod_ssl macros that confuse coccinelle. Remove restriction

on format string because it causes coccinelle to not consider multi line format


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coccinelle 1.0 has changed the syntax for regexps

Add APLOGNO() macro for unique tags for every log message.

Add some scripts to make adding these tags easier.

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