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Yes this is text, as well as an image/* mime-type.
Change GIF icons to use a different palette, for more smoothness.
Updating powered-by images to reflect the consensus on dev@ ML.

Please do review and say if this is what we want, and I'll backport if so.

property fix.

Getting rid of the animated PB icon that spells out "2.2", times they are a'changin'
Updating the 'powered by' icons to both say 2.4 as well as use Apache 2.0 licensed fonts only.

SVG version also added, in case someone wants to use/change/reproduce the icons.

20x22 icons for ODF, SVG, and XML documents.

Submitted by: Peter Harlow (CLA on file)

PR: 37185

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merge r358287:

Update 'apache_pb2' images for Apache-2.2 (NOTE: not for 2.3!)

Run optipng[1] with -o7 over all PNG files. Files were only modified if the optimized version is smaller. There is no change to the rendering as seen by users.

[1] -

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Reprocess .png's as transparent (w/ GraphicsMagic since my local

copy of ImageMagic creates garbage transparent .png's).

PR: 30190

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Update for the docs-project, and illustrate the icons on both white

and black backgrounds (to point out PR 30190).

Documented in the parent directory

Move dir2 over to folder2 also for consistency. (These are never used anywhere.)

conf/extra/httpd-autoindex.conf references folder.gif, not dir.gif, so

change the names here.

PR: 33508

general property cleanup

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fix a typo

PR: 23713

Submitted by:

John Von Essen <john at> contributes the diskimg.gif icon:

> Hopefully this is the right place to send this comment. I have alot of

> disk images (.img) on my server. By default, there is no icon for a disk

> image.


> So I made one...


> AddIcon /icons/diskimg.gif .img


> The diskimg.gif can be found at:




> Could this be added into future releases? Disk images are fairly popular.

> Especially when making boot floppies or driver disks for linux.

Submitted by: john at

First step at stamping out gif's: convert them to png

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A couple of new options for sysadmins. Still waiting on opinions between

replacing the image on docroot/index.html.* with 2.0, or 2.0 animated.

    • binary
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Apache 1.3.9 baseline for the Apache 2.0 repository.

Obtained from: Apache 1.3.9 (minus unused files), tag APACHE_1_3_9

Submitted by: Apache Group

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