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Review by popcorner with further edits by both CodeingBoy and popcorner,

their discussion at

Added CONTENT_LANGUAGE variable for both translations.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Error page translations submitted for zh-cn and zh-tw, contributed

by CodeingBoy <codeingboy>.

Note that zh-tw is not a native translation; each translation aught

be reviewed by a native reader before backporting to 2.4.x branch.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Russian translations of errordocs.

Contributed by Alexander Gaganashvili.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Fix typo. PR57879
Applies patch from bz56214 thanks to Javier Llorente - updates spanish

translation of error docs.

Applies patch from bz57189, thanks go to Tom Fredrik Blenning. Adds

Norwegin translations of error pages.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Apply patch to spanish error messages, from PR 56214 (Thanks Javier Llorente)

Update multilang error documents to ap_expr

Typo and grammatical corrections for French error docs provided by

Xavier Robin. tid50517

Typo correction, sent by Eduardo Tompson Pereira.

Adds Portuguese translation to error documents, from Pedro Freire.


Remove superfluous line from error document.

Removing unnecessary line from error doc.

tid43269 Improvements to the Spanish translation of the TIME OUT error

doc. Alejandro Lay

tid43268 Improve Spanish translation of error document. Alejandro Lay

Improve spanish translation of error doc. Alejandro Lay. tid43267

Improve Spanish translation of UNAUTHORIZED doc. Alejandro Lay. tid43266

tid 43265 - Improve Spanish translation of error document. Alejandro


tid43264 - Improve Spanish translation of error document. From

Alenjandro Lay.

Improve Spanish translation of error document. tid43263

Improve Spanish translation of NOT_IMPLEMENTED error doc. From Alejandro

Lay. tid43262

Improve spanish translation of HTTP_NOT_FOUND error - from Alejandro Lay

- tid43261

Improve "method not allowed" spanish translation - from Alejandro Lay -


tid43258 - Improvements to Spanish translation of HTTP Length Required

document, from Alejandro Jay

tid43254 - Update to Bad Request error document spanish translation -

Alejandro Jay

Improve Spanish translation of HTTP Internal Server Error document, from

Alejandro Jay. Tid43257

Improve Spanish translation of HTTP_GONE error document, from Alejandro

Jay. tid43256

Improve Spanish translation of the HTTP FORBIDDEN error page, from

Alejandro Jay. tid43255

Improve spanish translation of Bad Gateway error from Alejandro Jay. tid43253

Improve Spanish translation - Alejandro Jay - tid43252