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* docs/conf/magic: Allow mod_mime_magic to return "audio/x-wav" for

WAV files, and omit returning "audio/unknown" for other RIFF

format files. Having a MIME type defined on a continuation line

*and* the preceding top-level match breaks mod_mime_magic, which

treats the second result "printed" as the MIME encoding. Neither

audio/x-wav nor audio/unknown are IANA registered, though Firefox

and Chrome both appear to recognize the former. Since the RIFF

format can contain non-audio media, returning audio/unknown as

a fallback for all RIFF files appears to be bogus anyway.

Submitted by: Àngel Ollé Blázquez <aollebla>

mod_mime_magic: Add signatures for PNG and SWF to the example config.

PR: 48352

Submitted by: Jeremy Wagner-Kaiser <jwagner-kaiser adknowledge com>

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general property cleanup

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* docs/conf/magic: Remove trailing whitespace.

PR: 31472

Submitted by: Jack Repenning

Add text/xml, audio/mpeg, video/quicktime support to mime magic file.

(Justin changed the audio/mpeg sequence to match file(1)'s listing.)

Minor style changes in nearby areas.

PR: 7730

Submitted by: Linus Walleij <>

Reviewed by: Justin Erenkrantz

(forward ported from revision 1.5 of apache-1.3/conf/magic)

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Finish documenting /manual location change

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Apache 1.3.9 baseline for the Apache 2.0 repository.

Obtained from: Apache 1.3.9 (minus unused files), tag APACHE_1_3_9

Submitted by: Apache Group

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