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* docs/conf/magic: Allow mod_mime_magic to return "audio/x-wav" for

WAV files, and omit returning "audio/unknown" for other RIFF

format files. Having a MIME type defined on a continuation line

*and* the preceding top-level match breaks mod_mime_magic, which

treats the second result "printed" as the MIME encoding. Neither

audio/x-wav nor audio/unknown are IANA registered, though Firefox

and Chrome both appear to recognize the former. Since the RIFF

format can contain non-audio media, returning audio/unknown as

a fallback for all RIFF files appears to be bogus anyway.

Submitted by: Àngel Ollé Blázquez <aollebla>

Patch PR 62567. Fix by Michal Karm Babacek <michal.babacek>

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
For all practical purposes, MS IE 2.0 thorough 5.0 cannot connect to any

httpd deployments; therefore the user-agent string will not be

readable, and this cruft is now a no-op. MS IE 20.0 in the far far future

may try to connect, removing this cruft future-proofs us.

RFC8081, new font/ registry as pointed out by Steffen
On the trunk:

mod_ssl: adding SSLPolicy and SSLProxyPolicy directives plus documentation.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Remove 3DES by default for users of older crypto librarys; the cipher

has been reclassified in current OpenSSL releases as WEAK due to 112

or fewer bits of remaining cipher strength, while the Sweet32 disclosure

extended the criticism of RC4 on to 3DES. (IDEA, which potentially has the

same issue, is never enabled by default in OpenSSL, due to patent concerns.)

This commit does not change default httpd behavior, but alters the suggested

behavior of newly provisioned httpd servers. Where adopted, XP with IE8 will

no longer handshake with mod_ssl (previously, XP with IE6 would not handshake.)

The same net effect occurs where OpenSSL is updated to 1.1.0.

Fix pattern (.xml source filenames aren't charset tagged)

Still can find only one problem case alluded to by André.

Where Accept-Lanuage is da Q=1 and ru Q=1, leaving these out of the priority

list results in English as the tie-breaker, which is incorrect.

KISS: RemoveType is a simpler fix for .tr; explain .da files; order our

LanguagePriority by a first-order comparison and drop negligable translations

from our ordered priority preference list entirely.

A better comparison would be total number of documents in-sync, or some

convoluted weight ordering each document by which are more in sync than

others. Leaving that puzzle to an interested hacker.

Remove trailing whitespace.

Submitted by: Josef Radinger

Fix typo.
httpoxy workarounds, first draft patch as published for all 2.2.x+ sources
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add comments for all media types in IANA registry dated 2016-07-14
add comments for all media types in IANA registry dated 2016-05-02
add comments for all media types in IANA registry dated 2016-02-05
properly sort the types (no functional change)
Add common extension "m4a" for MPEG 4 Audio to


As a reference see Wikipedia:

PR: 57895

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PR 53845: Remove commented config regarding DNT because the spec now has CR status (confirming our interpretation) and MS has committed to changing their implementation:
removing no longer needed h2 extra conf thing
eliminating the last surviving H2Engine directive
fixup properties

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
reworked mod_h2 donation checkin into build system, added documentation

  1. … 82 more files in changeset.
Clarify the change to the default cipher suite lists
  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
Conform to RFC 7525, with additional suggestion to drop RSA Kx ciphers
Remove commented-out SSLStaplingForceURL at global scope.

Global or not, its use is specialized and those that need it won't need a sample,

and others may be confused.

add OCSP Stapling configuration, disabled by default
fix tr docs charset

httpd allocates separate AF_INET/AF_INET6 sockets automatically

when v4-mapped addresses are disabled

Some wordsmithing and hopefully this will close our outstanding github issues. Closes #2 and also resolves #3
use IANA registered mime type application/font-woff for woff fonts

PR: 55293