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Added a warning that these scripts leak information.

Add CGI sample to show how JScript can be used (BZ51359).

Changed WScript.Echo to WScript.StdOut.WriteLine because

WScript.Echo seems to mess up output with Locale;

avoid Split() usage since it seems not consistent with

all versions.

Fixed comment.

Make printenv.vbs inactive by default.

Added VBScript CGI sample for Windows.

Encourage best practice, even though it's a trivial example.

Ensure it's abundently clear that these scripts may be bad news

with stupid-assed clients which contravine their prime directives,

such as content-type, or do not harm humans.

Flaws such as utf-7 decoding ensure that even txt->html transforms

are insufficient.

Add charset to the painfully old example scripts.

These should really be replaced with proper encoding

of the output.

general property cleanup

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These files cannot be distributed at present - Justin, update your RC.32

Win32 is not escaping or rejecting ANY hazerdous shell command strings

in Apache 2.0 at present. These would include the pipe character (|)

which allows the user to construct malicious request strings.

This needs consideration in code and configuration before we reintroduce

a batch-file based example.

Reported by: Ory Segal <ORY.SEGAL@SANCTUMINC.COM> 13 Feb 2002

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Additional enlightenment for users trying to understand win32 .bat scripts.

Hmmm... this is cmd (or command) ... not sh :)

Provide a Win32 batch file example cgi

Merge forward changes in Apache 1.3 printenv

Submitted by: Ralf S. Engelshall

Apache 1.3.9 baseline for the Apache 2.0 repository.

Obtained from: Apache 1.3.9 (minus unused files), tag APACHE_1_3_9

Submitted by: Apache Group

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