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Trivial change to trigger a Travis build.

Fix spelling errors found by codespell. [skip ci]

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More nice to do for 2.6.x.

Add an idea about YAML.

Remove section on RFC compliance. All listed PRs are resolved, thanks

to the donation of access to the Co-Advisor test suite.

whitespace commit for fisheye, ignore
And we are at 2.5.1...
For posterity
STATUS: added item to the wishlist for
Post 2.5.0-alpha tag updates
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wishlist: add CGI fixes
Clarify wishlist
Suggestion for STATUS
2 more for the wish list

Some more ideas
More ideas

adding my cents
Stuff I've been playing with.

some extemporaenous things for dot-next

Note some 3.0 potential stuff
Remove obsolete TODOs for mod_ssl:

No, we don't - it was removed in r90511.

DH keys are changed for every connection, SSL_OP_SINGLE_DH_USE

is applied since mod_ssl's initial commit (r88988).

We no longer have our own CRL callback (delegated to OpenSSL

as of r1165056), so this is effectively moot.

ssl_engine_pphrase.c needs to be simplified, not blown up further

(see also,

which few [if any] people really seem to miss)

Address a todo listed in

"init functions should return status code rather than ssl_die()"

For diagnostic purposes, ssl_die() is still there, but instead

of abruptly exit(1)ing, it will return APR_EGENERAL to the

ssl_init_* callers in ssl_engine_init.c, and these will propagate

the status back to ssl_init_Module.

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Add another URL for the "removing the first connection filter in chain" bug.

The other site seems dead.

Note a TODO for Lua 5.2.0 compatibility.

Note some things that should be considered, but not shortly before a release

Fix typo which was already fixed in 2.4.x.

Wish came true: CacheEnable works within LocationMatch, giving us mod_cache

regexes for no additional cost.

Partial cleanup of trunk STATUS.