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remove some broken links, point to better resources
Clarify the crypto notice for mod_session_crypto.

Update the crypto notices for apr_crypto. apr_ssl is long gone.

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Incorporate the ap_ldap incomplete API, as there is no interest or effort

at APR to make this a complete abstraction, and it was voted 'off the island'

with APR 2.0. This will allow httpd 2.3 to build against either apr-2.0

or apr+util 1.x.

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These occur in NOTICE/LICENSE and elsewhere, not for README
Oh my - how stale :)
Follow Garrett's example and provide a crypto notice in the README,

with specific details for removing the crypto and for nossl packages.

minor doc changes already on 2.2 branch
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general property cleanup

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2.0 -> 2.1

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Just add a file to use to house some platform dependent knowledge...

Right now, just some Darwin notes.


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Update license description for PCRE inclusion

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More updates of user support info.

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Update the ack for PCRE

Update mailing list and add myself to another list.

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This is Apache 2.0, which has been essentially rewritten.

This citation was inconsistent with the rest of our credits.

We still thank Ambarish Malpani of ValiCert, Inc. for his

contribution, but we have many, many others to thank, and this

one accolade was out of place.

Add contact info to README (was in INSTALL in 1.3)

Update the README so that it reflects just what Apache is today, and so

that it is correct about where things reside.

Submitted by: Joshua Slive <>

Update the Readme and Install docs to reflect 2.0 a bit better.

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Fix a 1.3 to 2.0.

Update the README. Libtool and autoconf are not required unless you are

a developer. This should make that clearer.

Submitted by: Greg Stein

Add the README file. Almost a copy from 1.3, but slightly modified.