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Test VPATH build in Travis, update docs.

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Actually clear the cache for the worker MPM (missed in r1879757).

Try removing the cached ~/perl5 to reset the broken worker

MPM test job.

Add additional test suite runs for the prefork & event pool-debug builds:

- run with SSLSessionCache defined (after r1879430)

- run with "SSLProtocol TLSv1.2"

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Travis changes:

a) add job to check for empty APLOGNO() macros

b) don't install CPAN stuff if SKIP_TESTING is set

c) don't tail the error_log on test suite failure since it's almost

always irrelevant shutdown stuff and obscures the actual failures

d) use coloured grep output when showing segfaults to make them obvious in the

travis error_log output.

e.g. https://travis-ci.org/github/apache/httpd/jobs/703517978#L2537

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Add Travis jobs to test shared-MPMs under APR pool-debug with both event and prefork.

Github: closes #111

Add a plain mod_cgid build, explicitly without mod_cgi.

Mark fdpassing test as failing.

Disable mod_cgi to ensure mod_cgid is really being tested.

Fix YAML syntax.

Test mod_cgid w/fdpassing.

Add Travis job which runs slapd in a container to allow testing

mod_authnz_ldap, per new test case added in r1878655.

* test/travis_Dockerfile_slapd: New dockerfile for running slapd.

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Disable all Travis notifications for forks (hopefully). [skip ci]

Build with LDAP support for APR 1.x.

Dump end of error_log for test run failures.

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Add gcc-10 job, drop gcc-9 config from allow_failures (seems stable again).

Use -O2 for all gcc -Werror jobs otherwise warnings triggered under e.g.

aggressive inlining are not found.

Enable Travis notifications for trunk per dev@ consensus.

Allow failures for the gcc9 build since the repo seems to have broken deps.

Don't fail the Travis build for ppc64le jobs, which are also unreliable.

e.g. https://travis-ci.org/github/apache/httpd/jobs/670727360

Drop -v from arm64 test runs and add to allowed failures, it is still

not as reliable as x86 builds. [skip ci]

Better define conditions for skipping tests on 2.4.x or non-2.4.x.

Use YAML anchors and references to avoid copy&pasting, hopefully

the syntax remains reasonably readable.

Fix the travis syntax (should have done it in a PR...).

Fix Travis trunk/master confusion, and make the i386 build

trunk-only, it has not been adjusted to find PCRE "v1" i386 packages.

Test exclsion doesn't work since "tag !~" matches when tag is undefined.

Exclude tests from 2.4.x by explicitly matching against master. Will

have to revisit this for 2.5.x.

Match Travis jobs for 2.4.x by tag as well as branch.

Ignore failures for s390x which is flaky in apt-get again.

Add simple test for apxs to catch regression in r1872042.

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Fix travis config validation warnings.

Switch to using httpd-tests git repo.

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Add an i386 build using a multilib packages and "gcc -m32".

(All other Travis builds are 64-bit arches currently)

Add gcc 9 job, enable enhanced malloc debugging for pool-debug job.

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Add Travis job which runs under UBSan ("Undefined Behaviour Sanitizer").

mod_http2 disabled for now until https://github.com/icing/mod_h2/pull/194

is merged.

Github: closes #96

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