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v2, added a revision

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cumlative patch for http2 backport

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* update of backport patch with new mod_ssl certificate hook changes

* backport patch for new mod_ssl hooks that can override server certificate handling

* remove of optional mod_md function usage

v4 of h2 keepalive patch, verified
v3 of the h2 keepalive patch
backport patch for 1862475
for backporting
2.4.x patch to mod_http2 v1.15.0
Re-integrated r1852989 into backport patch.

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adding the lastest fix to the backport
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adding backport h2 patch
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backport proposal patch
Add updated patch.

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Add httpd v2.4 backport of r1847430.

backport patch for h2 eos handling
Add patch for ab backport.

h2 patch fro conn-io-events
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core-check_errorlog_dir_syslog.patch: fix typo in CHANGES
backport patch

test patch for h2 keepalive old behaviour

patches for backports
core-check_errorlog_dir_syslog.patch: update patch after suggestions,

added also CHANGES entry.

core-check_errorlog_dir_syslog.patch: add suggestions from STATUS

Credis to jhriggs and jailletc36

core.c: use strncmp in check_errorlog_dir when

checking for the presence of the 'syslog' prefix.

This patch is an attempt to solve PR 62102 in which a

user reports that ErrorLog configured with a string like

syslog::httpd/someusername fails to pass the config check

that runs when httpd boots.

As far as I can see the code in trunk has evolved a lot

from 2.4.x, and this error does not apply in there.

Backporting a commit from trunk seems to me not possible

in this case (because it would mean bringing too many

unnecessary/unrelated changes),so I came up with this

patch as attempt to provide a fix for the PR.

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h2 v1.10.17 backport patch
backport patch for SSLPolicy directive
adding r1827001