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merge this feature, and code cleanups for signal handlers,

from 2.1-dev:

Add fatal exception hook for use by diagnostic modules. The hook

is only available if the --enable-exception-hook configure parm

is used and the EnableExceptionHook directive has been set to


Reviewed by: stoddard, jerenkrantz, gregames

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fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

  1. … 146 more files in changeset.
apply Apache License, Version 2.0

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update license to 2004.

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backport the following change from 2.1:

Enable coredumps on Linux 2.4+ if CoreDumpDirectory is coded

I tried to clarify the doc, but it still looks like geek-speak. Any ideas

on how to better explain this to users would be appreciated.

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Enable ap_sock_disable_nagle for Windows. This along with the

addition of APR_TCP_NODELAY_INHERITED to apr.hw will cause Nagle

to be disabled for Windows.

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SECURITY: Eliminated leaks of several file descriptors to child

processes, such as CGI scripts.

PR: 17206

Submitted by: Christian Kratzer <>, Bjoern A. Zeeb <>

Reviewed by: Joe Orton, Will Rowe

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update license to 2003.

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