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Alas, there is no --layout option

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add revision keyword

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Mention that mod_userdir is required for suexec to work

in user directories.

PR: 25477

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fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

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apply Apache License, Version 2.0

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"Change the list of checks in the security model to more accurately reflect

what happens, and in the correct order. Also fix the default locations, and

add a subsection about setting paranoid permissions."

Submitted by: Colm MacCarthaigh <>

Additionally cleaned up the whole xml source to keep the docs consistent

(mostly cosmetic fixes, formatting, typos).

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Enhance some bits of the suEXEC docco to be a bit more precise

in regard to suEXEC's docroot handling and it's preconditions;

see PR#21873 and #21874.

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Removed superfluous whitespace.

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typos, inconsistencies ...

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get a rid of the relativepath element

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add metafile attributes.

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