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Changeset 103160 is being indexed.

Backport: Yet another typo.

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Intergrate Kess' configure docs in the docs tree and,

in particular, integrate them into install.xml by removing

large chunks of that document and making it a summary

with pointers into configure.xml.

(I also snuck in the odd fix to both install.xml and

configure.xml. Sorry for the mix.)

(Including subsequent typo fix.)

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fix name of The Apache Software Foundation

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apply Apache License, Version 2.0

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Point to correct download location.

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Backport minor version upgrade instructions.

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Backport all the LaTeX style files and the small latex-oriented

formatting changes to 2.0.

A sample of the output is at

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typos, inconsistencies ...

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get a rid of the relativepath element

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add metafile attributes.

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show a little (so called) example for --with-mpm.

Submitted by: Luiz Rocha <>

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change a link and add a note where to find the signature files

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- make sure, see also titles match with linked document titles

- remove notes about alpha and beta releases

- update download links to the mirror page

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back out the 'old' auth docs for the 2.0 branch

(applies only to the English version!)

- sync sitemap

- remove mod_auth_basic, authn*, authz* and obs_*

- re-add mod_access, mod_auth, mod_auth_anon, mod_auth_dbm

- fix references to the new modules

- sync XSLT/CSS for the module index

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