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Merge r1859371, r1859422 from trunk:

mod_proxy/ssl: Proxy SSL client certificate

configuration and other proxy SSL configurations

broken inside <Proxy> context.

PR 63430

Triggered by r1855646+r1855748.

Patch from rpluem (proxy) and ylavic (ssl).

Follow up to r1859371: extend to other ap_proxy_connection_create[_ex]() users.

This function now now handles SSL reuse as well as the "proxy-request-hostname"

note (SNI), so let's also call it unconditionnaly in all proxy modules.

On the mod_ssl side, since this note has the lifetime of the connection, don't

reset/unset it during handshake (ssl_io_filter_handshake).

Submitted by: rjung, ylavic

Reviewed by: rjung, rpluem, ylavic

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Merge r1839303, r1843290 from trunk:

These need to be signed longs... cast as needed.

Add CHANGES entry

Submitted by: jim, jailletc36

Reviewed by: jailletc36 (by inspection), ylavic, jim

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