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Easy patches: synch 2.4.x and trunk

- core: 80 chars

- http_core: Clean-uo and style. No functional change overall

- http_core: One more style fix in ap_process_http_async_connection()

- mod_mime: Fix a cppcheck warning

- mod_proxy_ajp: Fix a harmless clang warning

- suexec: avoid a potential sprintf overflow

- mod_headers: This is harmless, but this really should be an 'echo_do *'

- core: Fix typo

- core: Update a comment about the 'PATCH' HTTP command

- mod_proxy_balancer: Fix some HTML syntax issues

trunk patch:











2.4.x patch: svn merge -c 1780282,1814659,1814660,1838285,1842881,1846253,1853757,1851702,1853980,1855614 ^/httpd/httpd/trunk .

+1: jailletc36, jim, rjung

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Merge of r1767936,1768160,1769192,1769550 from trunk:

mod_http2: new directive 'H2PushResource' to enable early pushes before

processing of the main request starts. Resources are announced to the

client in Link headers on a 103 early hint response.

All responses with status code <400 are inspected for Link header and

trigger pushes accordingly. 304 still does prevent pushes.

'H2PushResource' can mark resources as 'critical' which gives them higher

priority than the main resource. This leads to preferred scheduling for

processing and, when content is available, will send it first. 'critical'

is also recognized on Link headers.

mod_proxy_http2: uris in Link headers are now mapped back to a suitable

local url when available. Relative uris with an absolute path are mapped

as well. This makes reverse proxy mapping available for resources

announced in this header.

With 103 interim responses being forwarded to the main client connection,

this effectively allows early pushing of resources by a reverse proxied

backend server.

adding support for newly proposed 103 status code.

  1. … 22 more files in changeset.
Merge r1546730, r1583008, r1571369, r1552130, r1578760, r1592615, r1592632, r1595321, r1550302, r1550307, r1585435 from trunk:

fix whitespace in a debug message


normalize an ugly construct which somehow manages to return the correct value

This is annoying to see in a casual "LogLevel debug foo:traceX ..."

Use 'apr_table_setn' instead of 'apr_table_set' when possible in order to save memory.

Follow-up to r1592529:

Define default port for "scgi" schemes (as chosen by

mod_proxy_scgi) in a common location.

Suggested by: jailletc36

fix Doxygen markup error

Submitted by: jailletc36

Tweak a AP_DEBUG_ASSERT condition.

Valid index to use 'req_header_var_names' are 0...6

mod_auth_form: Add a debug message when the fields on a form are not


mod_auth_form: Make the trace logging consistent through the notes, session

and form authentication steps.

mod_auth_form: update empty log tags.

Submitted by: trawick, covener, jailletc36, trawick, trawick, jailletc36, minfrin, minfrin, ylavic

Reviewed/backported by: jim

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Merge r1546801 from trunk:

If the "value" argument is prefixed with expr=, parse it with ap_expr

rather than mod_headers' built-in format strings.

Submitted by: covener

Reviewed/backported by: jim

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
* mod_headers: Allow for format specifiers to be used in the base

substitution string when using Header edit

trunk patch:

2.4.x patch:

+1: druggeri, covener, jim

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
mod_headers: Add 'Header note header-name note-name' to copy a headers

value into a note (so a CGI/Proxy header can be deleted and logged)

trunk patch:

Submitted by: covener

Reviewed by: jim, humbedooh

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
mod_headers: Add 'Header SetIfEmpty header-name val' to only set

a header if it's not already there (can't do this with Edit)

trunk patch:

Submitted by: covener

Reviewed by: jim, humbedooh

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Merge r1452128 from trunk:

Remove useless tests.


if (*x && apr_isspace(*x))


if (apr_isspace(*x))

Submitted by: jailletc36

Reviewed/backported by: jim

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Merge r1389565, r1389566, r1389569:

Allow for exposure of loadavg and server load via mod_headers

Might as well show 'em all

Document new mod_headers params: %l, %i, %b

Submitted by: jim

Reviewed by: jailletc36, druggeri, minfrin

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Backport r1209766, r1210252, r1210284:

Add lots of unique tags to error log messages

ssl_util.c: Downgrade some dynamic locking messages from level DEBUG

to TRACE1-3

  1. … 164 more files in changeset.