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backport of mod_http2 v1.3.2 minus event conn-status fixup
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disable any openssl use until configure fix is backported, linking gets messed up when multiple places have openssl
no check for openssl until fix from trunk is backported
mod_http2 v1.2.2 from trunk
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v1.0.10 of mod_http2 backport, see CHANGES
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mod_http2, version 1.0.7
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update of mod_http2 with current trunk version
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Merge r1706918 from trunk:

m4: please any autoconf by quoting AC_DEFUN's names. PR 58126.

Submitted by: olli hauer <ohauer>

Submitted by: ylavic

Reviewed/backported by: jim

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Merge r1706637 from trunk:

Fix logic to limit exported symbols in DSO form of mod_http2.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
mod_http2: config.m4: merge r1705257 from trunk.
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Merge r1705749 from trunk:

bye bye mod_h2, hello mod_http2

Reviewed/backported by: jim

  1. … 60 more files in changeset.