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Changeset 1732275 is being indexed.

merging pre_close_connection hook, prep_lingering_close and ap_update_child() additions from trunk
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MPMs: Support SO_REUSEPORT to create multiple duplicated listener

records for scalability.

Submitted by: Yingqi Lu <>, Jeff Trawick,

Jim Jagielski, Yann Ylavic

Reviewed by: ylavic, jim, minfrin

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Merge 1610491 from trunk:

SECURITY (CVE-2014-0226): Fix a race condition in scoreboard handling,

which could lead to a heap buffer overflow. Thanks to Marek Kroemeke

working with HP's Zero Day Initiative for reporting this.

* include/scoreboard.h: Add ap_copy_scoreboard_worker.

* server/scoreboard.c (ap_copy_scoreboard_worker): New function.

* modules/generators/mod_status.c (status_handler): Use it.

* modules/lua/lua_request.c (lua_ap_scoreboard_worker): Likewise.

Reviewed by: trawick, jorton, covener, jim

Submitted by: jorton, covener

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Revert r1373105, the merging of incompatible DefaultRuntimeDir


The trunk patches for these all have some configuration breakage

as 2.4.x interprets the individual directive or API parameter as

relative to ServerRoot whereas trunk interprets everything

relative to DefaultRuntimeDir.

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Merge r1364695, r1369477, r1369808, r1370288, r1370225, r1370763, r1371684 from trunk:

mod_lbmethod_heartbeat, mod_heartmonitor: Respect DefaultRuntimeDir/

DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR for the heartbeat storage file.

core: Respect DefaultRuntimeDir/DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR for the

scoreboard (ScoreBoardFile).

The Pidfile directive and ap_log_pid()/ap_remove_pid()/ap_read_pid()

now respect DefaultRuntimeDir

Mutex directive: finish support of DefaultRuntimeDir

a partial conversion was made in r1299718, but I'm not

sure when that change is effective

mod_socache_shmcb and mod_socache_dbm: finish support of


a partial conversion was made in r1299718, affecting cases

where no filename was specified

mod_slotmem_plain: make the "filename" key relative to

DefaultRuntimeDir if not absolute

mod_slotmem_plain does not externalize or check the full path

in any way, so this change is just for consistency with other

modules which build paths to run-time artifacts.

make LDAPSharedCacheFile relative to DefaultRuntimeDir

Submitted by: trawick

Reviewed/backported by: jim

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Merge r1303201, r1303435, r1303827:

* Revert r1294936 (Jeff's revert) and fix NetWare / Win32 build.

Added the missing AP_DECLARE* decorations for the function

implementations and variables.

* Fix changes in parameter names in function definitions done in r1303201

* Partly revert r1303435 and rename pconf back to in_pconf to avoid shadowing

the global variable with the same name and create a bogus assignment.

Pointed out by: Eric Covener

Committed by: fuankg, rpluem

Reviewed by: fuankg, minfrin, trawick

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Align 2.4 w/ trunk... since 2.4.0 was never released, API change is OK.

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