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Changeset 1307828 is being indexed.

Merge r1303201, r1303435, r1303827:

* Revert r1294936 (Jeff's revert) and fix NetWare / Win32 build.

Added the missing AP_DECLARE* decorations for the function

implementations and variables.

* Fix changes in parameter names in function definitions done in r1303201

* Partly revert r1303435 and rename pconf back to in_pconf to avoid shadowing

the global variable with the same name and create a bogus assignment.

Pointed out by: Eric Covener

Committed by: fuankg, rpluem

Reviewed by: fuankg, minfrin, trawick

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Align 2.4 w/ trunk... since 2.4.0 was never released, API change is OK.

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