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Fix typo (s/ProxyExpressDBMFile/ProxyExpressDBMType/)

PR 63119.

Move compatibility note in the module synopsis instead of repeating it in all directives.

Fix the way <default> values are given, so that they can be reflected in quickreference.html.

Fix the style used in <syntax> to be consistent with the documentation.

Improve syntax highlight.

(r1852270 in trunk)

+ synch with trunk

Merge r1803313 from trunk:

cross link some balancer directives across proxy mods

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Merge r1774023 from trunk:

add buzz word

Reviewed/backported by: jim

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Related to httpd-doc bug 53530; uniform use of quotation marks.

Put quotation marks around most arbitrary-text or filesystem

strings for directives:

* {Alias,Redirect,Proxy*}{,Match}

* <{Directory,Files,Location}{,Match}>

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Merge r1560683 and r1581011 from trunk:


It does more than just a ProxyPass, but also looks at the HOST header,

so this gives somewhat deeper insight into what the end result looks



a comma leaked onto the page

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Add ProxyExpressEnable directive to example
Add information about the possible values of ProxyExpressDBMType