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update transformations.
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Rebuilds other recent changes.

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Update xforms

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update xforms

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xforms to pick up new version string

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Merge r1200475, r1200478, r1200482, r1200491, r1200513, r1200550, r1200580, r1200605, r1200612, r1200614, r1200639, r1200646, r1200656, r1200667, r1200679, r1200699, r1200957, r1200961, r1200963 from trunk:

fix issue with incorrect munging of the lua package path -- LuaPackagePath directives were not working

Default to not allowing htaccess in /, instead of just the documentroot, which gets a nice 10% performance boost by default for me.

* modules/ssl/ssl_private.h, modules/ssl/ssl_engine_kernel.c

(ssl_callback_tlsext_tickets): Use unsigned char * to fix gcc

-Wpointer-sign warnings.

Only load the really imporant modules (i.e. those enabled by the 'few'

selection) by default. Don't handle modules enabled with --enable-foo


This fixes problems with module dependencies until someone implements a

mechanism for resolving module dependencies.

remove last traces of the code cache

* modules/proxy/mod_proxy_html.c (comp_urlmap): Fix const-ness warning.

* modules/lua/mod_lua.c (ap_lua_ssl_is_https): New function.

(lua_post_config): Pick up ssl_is_https optional function.

* modules/lua/lua_request.c (req_ssl_is_https_field): New function.

(ap_lua_load_request): Map is_https field to above.

remove some debug logging which snuck in

remove ability to set min and max pool sizes for server scope in prep for removing server scope

remove lingering reslist references before killing server scope

replace server scope with thread scope

use a sub-pool for scope_once

Fix installation of conf/extra/proxy-html.conf.

Otherwise httpd does no longer start, because

it is the only extra file required in the main

config at the moment.

Rebuild xdoc transform

Clarify docs for LimitRequestLine, as per bug #51665.

Rebuild doc transforms.

Submitted by: brianm, pquerna, jorton, sf, brianm, jorton, jorton, sf, pquerna, brianm, brianm, brianm, brianm, brianm, jorton, rjung, rbowen, rbowen, rbowen

Reviewed/backported by: jim

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