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paraphrase slightly better

Merge r1766103 from trunk:

Fine tune description

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1766097 from trunk:

Some caching info

Reviewed/backported by: jim

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Merge r1516872, 1542353 and 1580895 from trunk:


CGI is no longer the most common way to provide dynamic content, is it?


Suggest the 'require expr' syntax as an alternate way to do something.


elaborate on the early/late vs "Authorization" header (vs. other forms of


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Backporting syntax highlighting (and a few typo fixes) for base directory files
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Fix a link in the caching guide.

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Overhaul the caching guide in an effort to clearly distinguish between

the mod_cache caching, the socache caching, and other caching we do, such

as mod_file_cache.

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