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Merge r1866078 from trunk:

* Make it obsolete to supply a starting pool

Improve dump_all_pools by making it obsolete to supply a starting pool.

If the parameter is not supplied ap_pglobal which is a global symbol is

used as starting pool.

The pool parameter is still accepted and considered for backwards

compatibility or if ap_pglobal cannot be resolved.

Submitted by: rpluem

Merge r1844889 from trunk:

* Add a command to dump some data from the scoreboard

Submitted by: rpluem

Merge r1829048 from trunk:

Dump server_rec ->addrs list in dump_server_rec.

Submitted by: jorton

Reviewed by: rpluem

update transformations.
update for sync with English docs.
vote / move proxy fix out of voting

Fix PR 63713 reported by WJCarpenter:

Add a small word about '\' which is used in the examples below.

Add some missing links (<module>, <directive>)

Improve some xml layout to have it readable.

(r1866233 in trunk)

+ some trailing spaces removal and alignmed in examples to synch with trunk.

Complete mod_md CMake config by adding a _requires iterator, using the official

curl FIND_PACKAGE logic and completing the jansson detection logic.

Backports: r1866131

Merge of r1866119 from trunk:

cmake for mod_md: interim fix by bill.

Proposed mod_ssl PKCS#11 cert/key support.

* Comment

Merge r1865749 from trunk:

PR63688 balancer csrf problems

fix case-sensitive referer check

Submitted By: Armin Abfalterer

Reviewed by: covener, jim, jorton

PR: 63688

Regressions -

Predicted: 1

Delivered: 1

10/10 would buy again.

patch updated in place for LOGNOS

leaving jims vote

good catch!

propose proxy fix

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML updates.

no surprise to Joe :)


  1. … 3 more files in changeset.

Improve layout.

Add some missing <module> tags.

Add some missing <directive> tags.

Add some missing <directive module=...> links

Add the name of the directive in <default>, so that 'quickreference.html' is generated correctly.

In the AuthnCacheContext directive, fix the way 'directory' and 'server' are displayed. They are key-words and should not be in italic.

(r1865402 in trunk)

Fix a broken link.

Add a missing <module></module>

Synch with trunk

(mostly r1865363 in trunk)

Log change in the correct version
fr doc rebuild.

XML updates.

Updates for announcement of 2.4.41
fr doc rebuild.

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