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Windows manifests are embedded as ;1 for .exe's, ;2 for .dll's and .so's - ref:
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When building to WinNT, CommandLineToArgvW must resolve.

Backports r605397

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Add .manifest post-processing to the httpd build for users of VC 8

(Studio 2005, 'free' Express or full edition) command line builds.

Backports 495126, adjusted for debugging/debug path change between

trunk and 2.2 branch.

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Sync to httpd/trunk where we've reverted the /d "LONG_NAME=foo bar" syntax,

which confuses the ability of MS VS 6 to export makefiles.

Also syncs the fix to some debug/release targets observed by hunter.

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This resource /D syntax was pretty horridly imported into VS 2005,

change the quotation to ensure a peaceful transition to sln/vcproj files.

Backports: 397647

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Remove all /machine:I386 references, these are getting in the way

of switching linkers from the x86 (default linker) to x64 or other

possible target platforms. (Also this commit cleans up lingering

/GX switches from the 'BASE' options that are supposed to be unused.)

Backports: 397407

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After appropriate time sitting on trunk, and some review by our

win32 builders, eliminate platform-specific use of 'awk' to create

our .rc resources. (Deliberately waited until a clean 2.2.2 was

pulled from the branch.) The end goal is to make building simpler

for our 'free' VisualStudio 2005 Express users, to encourage more

end users to explore the source code. Eliminating thousands of

lines of build-script is a nice side effect.

Backports: 395418

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Backport 395419, replace /GX win32 compile flag with /EHsc to match.

Reviewed by all active win32 contributors, and committed as an arch

maintenance fix. This permits Win32 VisualStudio 2005 users to build

httpd without extranious 'deprectated option' emits.

Reviewed by: wrowe, colm

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